World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

I haven’t done a lot of BGs but have had fun in them. Seems like the Horde is much better organized for the most part so we usually don’t win as Alliance but I’m definitely not instantly dead.

I had some fun with BGs and it seemed pretty quick to gear up until you start hitting the conquest wall. I can’t believe they’ve never tried to change Alterac Valley. Every battle is just 2 blobs racing to the other base, take the towers, wait for the timers, and then try to burn down the boss before the other side does it.

Yes, it’s dumb. The original AV was crazy, though. Battles could last a dozen hours or more. It was cool to play though. It felt like a war.

I am getting closer to being done. Every fucking time I decide to suck it up and run some group content, I run into some jack wagon.

Todays candidate: someone who thought I was just following along AFK because my damage on trash wasn’t great. He even literally said, “r u pushing buttons?” Too late, I realized I should have said “well, I’m clearly pushing yours.”

I was literally thinking of someone on QT3 going “the LFG tool like playing with bots” and I was thinking “These folks are bots, and it’s cute how the AI trash talks me” when the guy starts in.

There is almost nothing for me to do solo other than fill some meaningless bars. I thought BfA was going to be a tough one to top for bad expansions, but this one rose to the challenge.

Do you do group content with a guild at all? I pug quite a lot in dungeons but my preference is when we have a full guild group instead. We’re all in discord so can laugh or taunt each other when things go horribly wrong.

No. I’m in one of the largest Stormrage guilds, and they do a lot of M+ and we have like 5 raid teams.

That said, I’m working on leveling my horde hunter on Area52.

I like the big guilds for the always active chat, but I feel kinda lost in them.

Also, my social center to the game is just gone these days. Of my original crew, only one still plays but I haven’t actually done anything with her in-game in years. I’m not long enough for people to remember who I am really in the guilds.

In hindsight, the move off Argent Dawn to A52 was a mistake. Argent was dead, but guild was full of the sarcastic people I like. I am thinking of moving back there. Also, my Alliance Stormrage guild is pretty good.

Obviously, my problem – like most people – is pug jerks. I was really hoping Communities would solve some of the issues between realms, but it hasn’t.

The BG jerks are just as bad. If you’re losing, and you’re gonna lose about half the time, there’s always at least one player insulting everyone. It gets old.

I think in the end this is why I stop playing after a while. Oh sure, I join guilds that are full of friendly, nice, helpful people. But it’s not the same as the crew I ran with when we all first started playing WoW. You really can’t go home again.

I still have a very small handful of people who’ve been there from the start. But our lives have taken us to different places. One guy I’ve known for 20 years. But he does his own thing and we never group. There’s not much more than “Hey Seth” when he logs in, maybe asking him about his kids once a year. Another friend, who’s actually a childhood friend, has sadly become very eccentric. It’s extremely rare that I do anything with him. He’s religiously opposed to group content.

Then of course there’s my wife. Unfortunately she’s not playing right now. But we had a blast in Legion. She played a monk and would usually tank, so we always had a group ready to go. I’ve been trying to get her to come back, but she’s resistant.

I just want a group to roll M+ with. Even with those old friends, it remains sadly elusive.

I also completely forgot that going through the campaign gets me 197 loot. I’m good with taking my time working through that. I imagine 9.1’s Covenant system will increase that.

I absolutely hate the “Covenant upgrade” shit. You upgrade your Covenant and in return the game gives you… more chores to do when you log in. Seriously. They’re chores. Work. Go get the chest from your anima conductor. Do the dailies and bosses from your conductor. Do your mission table. Do your mushroom / travel daily. Check on your conservatory or Covenant crafting thing.


I fucking hate it. It’s WORK. When I play my alts, the only thing I upgrade is my Anima Conductor to level 1 and when I log in I do the chest. That’s it. Nothing else. It’s so much more fun to just log in and play.

WTF were they thinking?

Oh, but my point being, use your anima to upgrade all your gear to 197. Don’t spend it on your base, because it will just reward you with work.

That’s good advice. I barely have one 60. I still need to dot he covenant quest through Torghast.

What is the campaign? I had a couple of 60s and ran Torghast a bunch of times. Is the campaign doing all your covenant quests? So many quests in my Covenant hub seem to be weeklies. I’m confused about what I should do if I resub.

Yeah, Covenants.

The campaign runs from your entrance to Shadowlands all the way through your choice of a Covenant, then you’ll have an additional Covenant storyline to follow. If you’ve already leveled up a character through the campaign then you have the choice to skip it and just level up from 50 to 60 however you want (Threads of Fate).

Each Covenant will also give you ‘callings’ which are just daily/weekly quests you can do for extra loot, etc. You also have two weekly quests to collect souls in the Maw and 1,000 anima from any source. Those rewarded you with a Renown point each if you started from the beginning. Anima can be used to upgrade one of four special functions of your Covenant, including a transport network, command table, anima conductor (which gives you extra quests/enemies to fight), and a special function only available for that Covenant (Necros can build construct friends, Venthyr throw parties, etc)

Torghast is a separate area that you revisit occasionally as part of the campaign and the Covenant storylines. Main reward is soul ash, which is used to make and upgrade your legendary items (only 1 worn at a time though). The Twisted Corridors is a separate branch of Torghast which only rewards you with cosmetic items and is a HUGE time sink.

The Maw is a god awful area that you can earn stygia in, which is used to buy things from the vendor down there. Can eventually buy sockets for certain item slots and upgrade your lowest conduits. Stygia is a pain in the ass to get - seems like a lot of people ignore the Maw for the most part.

If we have enough people on one faction (Alliance seems to be ahead, I think) we can always try grouping up together to just do some stuff.

Thanks. So there’s no one quest line that will get me the i197 gear? Is it mostly from climbing the renown ladder? That seemed a bit grindy to me.

I guess you get more soul ash after you have a legendary so you can get more legendaries and swap them around situationally? Some legendaries you can only get from raiding, I believe, which annoys me. I wish all the lengendaries were in Torghast.

Bleh. I’m talking myself out of resubbing.

I have ~205 ilvl DPS and a ~200 ilvl healer on Alliance.

I also have ~195 ilvl shaman on Horde. She’s enhancement, but I can respec her as Resto.

I’m also PST.

With the arrival of the foxes I have to begrudgingly admit what has probably been true for years now – the horde is the superior faction. More players means you can usually play with warmode on which means more rewards, more players means easier and quicker groups / raids, and for some reason I’ll never understand horde has always been better at PvP so you can gear up / honor up faster there, too. Playing alliance with WM off, even just competition for WQs is annoying because there are so many horde players.

I am on both, My Alliance hunter is still in the 140s, and the Horde hunter still level 54. At some point soon I need to suck up and just pick a faction.