World of Warcraft, Widescreen and Multi-mon

I finally pulled the trigger and got a pair of 20" widescreen LCDs for my desktop… They’re 1680x1050 LGs. I would have got bigger, but having these here it’s just about as big as I’d like.

Anyway - the problem…

I want to run WoW in a maximized window on the primary, and have shit open like Skype, Firefox, etc in the secondary. However, that doesn’t seem to want to work. I either get WoW fullscreen with the second monitor black (and all sorts of weird monitor-spanning resolution options), or I can open it in a window, and still not have a 1680x1050 maximized option.

I’m using a GF7900 GT and I turned on the nView stuff. Maybe I should turn it off?

If you’re running in dualview config, it should just work. I’ve run WoW, and many other games as exactly as you describe, for years, without issue.

Yeah, that’s how I run WoW. Maybe change the options so that you’re running WoW in windowed mode, but fullscreen. I believe those are check boxes in the video options area.

That’s how I’m running it as well. I have it set up for Dualview, not Span and it works great

So here was the problem - I had added the monitors without a restart… It worked fine, but didn’t give me Dual View mode as an option… Restarting corrected it.

Thanks for the tips guys.