World of Warships


That is only a very small subset of ships that basically just had a slightly different skin. It was very uncommon for me to even see one and of course if you aren’t using the ships, you won’t even see the commanders.

I don’t think they even shot laser beams, but i used a a projectile graphics mod to make AP and HE shells more distinct so i’m not certain i would have noticed anyway.

Really if you’re playing the game for the ships and are free with your money, the game is still for you. It is just a VERY expensive game in both money and grinding. I ran the numbers and for me it wasnt worth it anymore. I still love my Warspite though. I suppose they might even have normal british battleships now though.

I looked at the store just now and the SCHARNHORST is the same price as buying Tyranny (game) for full price on steam ($42).


Thanks for the write-up. I guess it is way over my… league.
I had spent about 20$ on it during the beta, but ran away as soon as I received an e-mail forecasting the Animu arrival on shore. I didn’t know it was supposed to be minor and toggle-able: if this proves anything, it is that their marketing’s issues didn’t begin with the video Telefrog shared.


The premium ship prices are ridiculous.

The in-game ship credit prices are ridiculous.

Actually the prices for everything related to Warships are pretty ridiculous.

Okay World of Warships is pretty ridiculous. I played for a while last month, but it’s just gotten so out of hand in many various fashions.


Two honors in a week!


WoWS is one of the few games I still occasionally spend money on, largely because I like the gameplay still and I get more value out of money I spend there than I do from buying new games I probably won’t play anyhow. But Wargaming do seem to want to make it harder and harder to justify giving them any money. I quit Tanks pretty much a year or so ago because it all got too much, and eventually I’m sure I’ll stop WoWS as well.


I had to scroll back a way to find this!

Good news : World of Warships is now available on Steam!

Bad news : You can’t port (hah!) your WG account over!

So you can keep your WG account and keep playing through the launcher and not lose any ships or Captains, but if you want a steam account you’ll need to start back at level 1 again.

If you know how to use armoured piercing rounds and take the British tier I Cruiser into a battle with all these new Steam captains then it has the potential to all go a bit marvelously wrong.


that is evil. love it 😈

still playing daily for my two loot boxes. brit bbs are yummy and its always fun driving IJN Yamato and the Kamikaze dd.


I finally hopped into this when it showed up on Steam. For some reason, I’m pretty good at this game already. And the ship presentations themselves are just naval-grog hardcore DVDA pr0n.

But I wonder what it would be like to play a scenario where everybody on your side acted like a real fleet; i.e. stayed in formation and acted according to lead ship’s orders. It would be amusing to see a line of ships just pound the crap out of a bunch of randomly-charging pubs.


Even just doing that with a buddy of mine yields a notably improved win rate, and that’s two of fifteen.


Essentially it means focus fire. If you do that, you win, pretty much. That requires people to know the ranges they can engage at, keep their ships at the proper position and distance, and sequence firing so that they hit together, ideally. When you can get it to happen, it is great.

Some of the game mechanics, though, don’t work well with this. Trying to sail a bunch of battleships in formation so you can all target an enemy, for instance, is likely to end up with all of you eating a wall of torps from invisible DDs. Unless you can get your DDs and cruisers to screen, which the game also through its spotting and air mechanics makes nearly impossible…


Noted. Yeah, those stately lines of BBs don’t work unless you’ve got your small boys to do the screening. I guess the battles in WoWarships is more like the chaotic Guadalcanal actions. Or, since you mentioned, focus-fire and ranges, mech battles fought with mechs that can only really fire sideways.


That’s a great analogy, actually. The game is fun, mostly; goodness knows I’ve put enough time into it. Like WoT, it’s relationship to anything vaguely historical is tentative, and it has all of the usually Wargaming issues, but the ships are great looking and overall the mechanics are satisfying.


The super secret knowledge of Don’t sail in a straight line continues to elude our new Captains. My Steam guy has a k/d of 9-1 thus far, in a game that usually has 12-v-12 rounds.

I did just ding level 11 though, so only one more level and then I get mixed back in with the general population.


Email today:

New Year gifts are waiting for you in World of Warships!

It seems you haven’t gone out to sea for quite a while. There are a lot of great gifts waiting for you, so you can make your comeback in style. Just log in to World of Warships, grab your bonus before January 3, 2018, and play again with your old and new friends—onward to victory!

Your gifts:

80,000 Free XP. That’s enough to upgrade any Tier VI ship!
7,500,000 credits. Buy anything you want: ships, mods, etc.
Commander with 7 skill points. His skills will be a great help to your future victories.
10 days of Premium Account. Get maximum profit with little effort.
Premium Tier V battleship Giulio Cesare. She has everything needed to become your new favourite!

We wish you epic victories in the coming year!

Makes me glad that I haven’t played in a while.


The Cesare is a cool ship, too, not a clunker at all. You can I think also get a Texas for logging in and playing a game or so, IIRC.


You weren’t kidding. That ship is really something. This reminds me of an ex showering me with gifts so that we’d get back together. :)


Well, this came out on my steam updates…


Wow, that is some heavy target market shift.


You spelled that last word incorrectly.


Not really. The ARP stuff has been in the game for a while, mostly around the Kongo battleship and Myoko cruiser.

The ARP boats are hideous, because they’re bright pink or purple, but getting a free port slot and a free 10 point Captain that can be used in the IJN lines was too good to miss.

Plus, alll the boats are “gold” which means you can use them to freely retrain the Captains without the usual penalty when a Captain moves main ship.

If WG ever manage to link up with Kancolle they’re going to be able to buy their own country with the money people will throw at them.


I have a bajillion versions of the IJN Kongo in the ARP color schemes. They were totally free (got them for playing the game like I usually do), and for a while, totally useless, except as, well, Kongos (I have the Myoko and Atago versions too), a ship that is only a Tier V anyhow although it’s pretty fun to play. Some patches ago, as Bismarck says, they changed it so you could use the captains in regular IJN ships, and vice versa, so suddenly I ended up with a bunch of ten-point (out of a max of 19 you can level to) captains. So, like, now one of my mid-tier Japanese destroyers is commanded by some kind of pink teddybear or something. I have zero interest in anime, but ten point captain is ten point captain, good for my second string ships I like to play long after leveling through them.

The High School Fleet stuff is even weirder than the Arpeggio stuff, though. It’s like that anime Girls und Panzer, where the schoolkids duked it out in WWII tanks. Here they duke it out in WWII ships or something. I have one HSF ship, the Harekaze, a damn good Tier 8 destroyer with a paint job that is pretty much just gray with a couple of red stripes (and an emblem that you can’t really see); there’s one more ship, a HSF version of the Graf Spee, a WWII German cruiser which I already have in proper Kriegsmarine livery. This latest event gives you the opportunity to pay twenty two bucks for each additional HSF captain and some paint jobs and other stuff, and opens up some in-game challenges with similar rewards. I passed, though I am doing the free collection thing where you get some other sort of crappy paint job or something. Because free.

But yeah, it’s a very weird vibe. Unlike WoT, where the tank people seem pretty hardcore, here there’s a huge anime following and the anime and wacky themed Halloween stuff and what not goes over pretty well I guess.