World of Warships

At least in Vegas, you have great food, lots of cool lights, fabulous shows, great shopping, and fun people watching. In Warships…not so much.

Free ships for inactive players? I did not get the email.

I’ve had this on my phone for ages. I used to play it fairly often since it played slow enough that it worked well on a small touchscreen I thought. I can see where getting bigger and better ships eventually became a money sink, but in the main games where does the need to spend real money start coming in? It seemed that I could just keep playing forever with the ships I’d built up for free. Granted, I played for maybe a half hour at at time a few times a week. So it’s not like I was pushing the envelope of F2P.

Technically, there is no “need” to spend money. Many people have played for years without spending a dime. Admittedly, it was easier earlier in the game’s history, when the rewards from various in-game challenges and lucky rolls (like Supercontainers) were more lucrative, but it is still very feasible to never spend anything.

The main uses for real money are to buy premium time, which greatly increases the experience and in-game currency earnings for your ships, and to buy Doubloons, their real-money currency used for everything from retraining to converting experience to buying ships, commanders, and stuff. That being said, they give away a bit of premium time here and there, as part of challenges or promotions or whatever, as well as a handful of Doubloons.

Premium ships simply earn more credits and more experience, especially free experience. They are not, as a rule, significantly more powerful than normal or tech-tree ships, though individual cases may very (looking at you Smolensk, Kutuzov, original Belfast, et al). Recently WGA has been nerfing premium ships anyhow, so there’s no guarantee you will always have the ship you bought in any event.

The only real reasons to pay them money are one, to get specific premium ships or other things you just gotta have for whatever reason, and to make the grind up all the ship lines easier with premium time. If you are content to fight a lot of battles and are along for the journey more than the destination, you don’t need to spend money. Leveling up those lines will be slow though as you will be chronically cash-strapped without premium time–by design, I’m sure.

Taking into account the grains of salt needed when processing these sorts of Internet screeds, sure as heck doesn’t look good. Not surprising, though.

Nor did I. Not that I would return.

They periodically send out enticements for new and returning players, though the rewards are usually so pathetic that it won’t exactly sway anyone who wasn’t already going to play anyhow.

I probably unsubscribed from all WG email a while ago so that could explain why I didn’t get the offer.

When you click through the link the end of the URL says “whale.” (this is not a joke)

So I’m guessing even if you did have an inactive account, if you didn’t spend noteworthy amounts of money the free tier V and tier IX is not for you.

I spent some money on the game but would certainly not qualify as a “whale” when you look at something like Star Citizen where some people have spent thousands of dollars.

Anyone playing this? If so, I have a code for $75 of “in-game content” from Verizon I can pass along.

I’m still in this every day, but I have been for six years. So if there’s someone newer then give it to them, but if not then I’d be interested.

Not sure if I’m the newest but I could still use it. If I recall correctly those codes are for fixed items, but still worth it.

Check thy PMs, @Skipper.

I got carried away.


Rolled into a cap said “hi chaps” to teammates and then sank a third of the enemy team in about three and a half minutes.

“I think we’re done here!”

Driving what? Thats impressive.

All set and code accepted. Thanks again, sir!

Also @Mr_Bismarck that’s insane. Three of those on that one cap point? The hell were you shooting from and at besides the Minekaze?

I haven’t played in months, after six or so years of constant play. Wargaming’s asshattery finally drove me away for good.

I was in the Kraken machine that is the Kamikaze. I sank a Shiratsuyu, Minekaze, Dunkerque, New York and then eventually a Kongo for the Kraken award.

The Shira I didn’t even see. I could tell someone was contesting the point and I thought “If I was them I’d be about… there.” A minute later the torpedoes I dropped hit something invisible and it must have been right in the side because it was a kill from full health.