World of Warships

I have not played in about six months maybe? Feel no desire to go back either.

In December you hadn’t played in months, so you must be at nearly a year by now.

I’m mixed about the change. In one way, it’s cleaner in that it’s way easier to tell at a glance what bonuses you’re using on a ship. On the other, it’s another menu you have to access and another screen. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want that all on one screen, but the UI direction for the port has been shit for a very long time now (how are you even supposed to manage your captains?).

I’m still playing, but I dunno why. It’s still the same pay-to-win game it’s always been. I always laugh a bit when I’m trying to figure out why a particular build i’m trying out isn’t working and I find it’s cause I don’t have the special commander with an extra set of abilities, and who’s maxed out at level 21.

Eh, maybe i just like the pretty ships. I’ve always had an eye towards getting the iconic ships, so i was pretty happy to pick up a bismark this year(i really suck in it) and picked up an iowa in the past couple weeks. I’d love to get a hornet, but i’m not spending $50 on a ship.

I play it because in most pvp games my k/d is somewhere between 0.8 and 1 and in World of Warships it’s 2.62.

Plodding is the perfect pace for my old man reactions.

Also, I’d miss this kind of feedback.

Yeah, well, I got tired of exactly that level of discourse in games, and the P2W, and the constant monetization, and yo-yoing on the rules and features, the poorly thought out changes, unbalanced ship lines, all of that. The only thing I liked about it–other than the slow pace, which I agree is nice–was the social interaction with a clan, and since my clan imploded a long time ago, playing solo was totally no fun.

I was looking through it and i can’t figure out how to sell stuff. I’m not sure I want to, and I don’t have anywhere near the cams you had, but getting an extra $10M might come in handy if i need it…

If you click your name in the top left of the port screen you should see “Inventory” in the drop down that appears.

Then pick camo from the left list and you can sort by numbers owned, or price and start selling.

So happy my boats dont have to look like clown cars anymore!


lol, i recall seeing this before(sell inventory), but had never used it. Guess i could sell off all these stock modules if i wanted some cash too…it’s not like i’d ever go back to 99% of them…

I think if you sell the other modules you get the stock one back for free, so you can absolutely sell anything that says “stock” on it.

WoW (and more specifically WoW:L) is a game I’d really like to like but the monetization of Wargames really puts me off. I’m also a bit bitter they bailed on WoWP so fast.

The company also shits on their community helpers and content creators and is in general a rapacious bunch of bandits.

I could see that. I only played for and with my friends clan and they were a solid group of folks. Many of them also played WoT which I tend to enjoy as well. Both games do give off a great old-gamer vibe and I enjoyed the pacing of both, but being way newer than a lot of my clanmates made it a bit of a downer regarding variance.

I still enjoy it and I’m sure he will coax me back at some point, but this break has been -really- good for me enjoying other games that I pay one single time for.

I had a blast with WoT playing competitively in a clan with clan wars, but most of the group didn’t make the crossover to WoW. The group I fell in with there was small but fun for a while, then just drifted apart. I still find the basic gameplay of Warships fun, but the meta structure and community just killed it for me.

Trying to make that number bigger.

That’s great in a kamikaze. I liked mine, but for some reason it never really clicked. Maybe my captain wasn’t good, or i didn’t pick the right skills. What’s your detection range at?

Right now, the Hatsuharu/Shiratsuyu and Mutsuki are my favorites. All three are great torp destroyers with good concealment and excellent torp range. I had exclusively gone down the minekaze side of the tree, but seeing a lot of kagero and akatsuki, i figured I’d branch out and try the other side too, and it’s been great so far(though i’ve just been enjoying the mutsuki and haven’t pushed out the line further yet).

Kami detection is 5.4km as soon as you can get the four point Captain skill.

Obviously more points is better, but I’d say a Kami has 90% of its powers as soon as your Captain has ten points because you can unlock the detection skill to drop that final 10%.

The 5.4 detection and the speed her torpedoes reload make her a murderer, you just have to make sure you know which enemy DD is across from you as soon as possible, because the Kami hard-loses gunfights to a number of them, especially the new Italian Destroyers.

Some teams just don’t want to be saved.

Jesus, well for sure you played your part and the part of multiple other teammates it looks like. What the heck, were your teammates bots?

Apparently it’s becoming a theme now.

I’ve been campaigning for a special badge for Kraken-in-a-loss, but still no movement on that.