World of World of Warcraft

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Blizzard has launched the World of World of Warcraft.
You now too can enjoy living the dream of staring at a computer screen and playing a geek living in his parent’s basement and starting at a computer screen playing world of warcraft.
Taste the bitter defeats, savor the sweet victories. Sense your character’s feelings as they enter a rage for their ISPs disconnecting as their avatar about to loot a vanquished raid boss corpse.

But do you get to watch them use a poopsock?

Only if they have one; it’s a random reward from the Laundry Hamper container dropped by Mom, but that’s a pretty tough fight.

ahh, i love that video

I know someone who didn’t get that this was a joke :(

This was abetted by him not knowing what the Onion is :((

“Wow, I could swear I’m playing virtual skeeball!”

This is pretty much how I feel about playing sports games. Why don’t I just go and play basketball rather than play a video game of someone playing basketball.

I try to convince my wife that this same concept applies to cleaning the house and cleaning her sim house, but shes not buying it.