World on Fire (PBS WW2 drama series)

I did a search here and was surprised that there was no topic for this one. The first seven-episode season (starring Sean Bean, Helen Hunt and Lesley Manville) came out in 2020 and I thought for sure that the pandemic had killed it. The second one began here in the US on October 15th and is four episodes in now.

Worth checking out. The second season lost Sean Bean and Helen Hunt but added a lot of new characters, locations and story lines. Good production values too.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to it.

You don’t say!

Hahahaha. I wonder if he purposely only signs on for those roles now, or if that’s all people offer him now. Hey look, you’ll only have to do one season for us!

Another one in the “Sean Bean’s character always dies” file: anyone remember that series called The Frankenstein Chronicles (IIRC)? It was on Netflix in the US.* He plays a cop in Victorian London looking into weird murders where corpses are being found with body parts attached to them that clearly weren’t theirs in life.

At the end of that first season? Guess what happens. ;-) He dies, but lives on as a reanimated monster!

*Also starred the winsome Vanessa Kirby (be still my heart) in the first season.

This World on Fire series still has Lesley Manville, who’s wonderful in everything, in the second season, which also takes us to the North African theater where we meet a company of Indian engineers, and to the heart of Nazi Germany, where we follow some poor teen girl recruited into the Lebensborn program, and Occupied France, where we follow a French Jewish nurse (who was hiding in plain sight in the first season), now working with the Resistance helping exfiltrate downed Allied pilots.