World record motorcycle jump

Gotta give the guy kudos for this. Nice way to see in the new year :)

Holy shit.

He makes it look so easy.

The on-bike camera makes it look like the landing is so gentle, that’s incredible.


I was watching this live. It was actually pretty nerve-racking. His goal was originally 360 feet, and after he landed the jump and it measured 322 feet, they were interviewing him and sort of starting to wrap things up, and he seemed to be disappointed in the 322. So he just says, clear the landing ramp, I’m gonna try it again. Crazy. I was sort of dreading the results of tempting fate a second time, but he got away with it. His second attempt (which this video is of) was a little shorter, and a bit messier, too (he wasn’t off to the side like that the first time, and the landing looked smoother). I guess he figured twice was enough, though, because he was satisfied with “just” the record-breaking 322 feet.

The build up was soooo fucking long, I was ready for something disastrous to happen so that I had received my money’s worth. However, since it followed a satisfying overtime win by Auburn, then I will forgive them the wasting of precious hours of my life.

Screw you!

That’s probably because according to AP News he cleared 350 during a practice run.

The practice run may not have been on TV, but I have to imagine it was taped and his crew was still there to witness it. It’s likely that even though it didn’t go out on the airwaves, he’ll be officially credited for the 350. So that’s something.

Why does anyone care about records like this? It’s like eating the most hot dogs.

-1 for annoying announcers.

Um, I guess they’re both equally pointless ultimately, but I have a lot more admiration for one than the other.

Hot dog eaters, right?

They’re the real heroes.

I could see that if they didn’t dunk them in water. I don’t get how that’s not cheating.

The amount of skill and training to execute the jump, the risk in the event of a failure, and the visuals of the feat are all significantly more than eating hotdogs and many other of these types of records. I guess I could preface my statement with IMO as maybe there are a few people that would want to watch someone stuff down some hotdogs.

I am not a big fan of motorcycles or jumps but I did find the video exciting to watch.

I would not find the life of an Evil Knievel with the significant chance of death and the virtual certainty of serious injury at some point appealing. I wonder what type of woman would want to marry that type of person.