World War 2 documentaries on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime?

I’ve found obvious ones by typing in nazi and hitler into the search field, but this is a terribly short list. Anyone have some suggestions? I like to watch them late at night when settling down to sleep and I desperately need some variety.


Ken Burns’ The War is still on Netflix. It is long (Seven 2-Hour episodes) but totally worth it.

I’d recommend “The Eye of Vichy” (Claude Chabrol - Robert O. Paxton), which is designed to show the war as the Vichy France propaganda machine “wanted it to be seen”, with practically no commentary except for the occasional background information. In other words, very deep into irony at times. I don’t know if it’s available on any of the sites you mention, but someone uploaded an English version of it on YT.

I added Burns’ The War just now and it suggested another available on Netflix streaming called Secrets of the Dead: Deadliest Battle about which it says…

Aided by archival film, eyewitness accounts and long-buried documents, this probing documentary looks at Germany’s 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union.

So I added that as well.

Oh nice I hadn’t seen that yet.

I have Ken Burns the War and Secrets of the Dead. Watched many many times. Good stuff.