World War Z movie FAIL


Cue the hipster irony fight in MindSpace™ hundreds years from now about “sucking joy”.


Everyone knows that joy cannot actually be sucked since it is a concept and, lacking corporeal existence, therefore is untouchable by any physical vacuum.


Having read the full Vanity Fair article, I see how it turned out this way. They bought the rights to the book because the global aspect appealed to Brad Pitt. It makes sense, global appeal is the thing in selling movies these days. So they didn’t start with the idea of “Let’s make WWZ!” it was more “Let’s make a zombie movie, except worldwide in scale, not just in one town or city”.

The first writer stays true to the book(the fool!) and so Pitt’s response is “meh”. Once the new writer focuses the movie on the main character, now Pitt wants to star in it. This makes sense, why would he want to play the guy who writes the history? That’s a role anyone could do.

The combo of Pitt starring and the global appeal gets the money flowing. They have an action packed, open ended ending written, to set up a franchise. Except when it’s all said and done, the ending sucks. It’s too generically actiony and there’s no satisfaction with the open endedness.

They bring in another writer and he sees that “either I fix that other guy’s mess, or start fresh” and everyone is all “Start fresh, start fresh!”.

And that’s how and why WWZ the movie has no real resemblance to WWZ the book.


LOL! It is a metaphysical vacuum, like how screams carry in the void of space in a bad B movie.


Apparently good?


I would submit that zombie movies belong in Woody Allen’s category, along with pizza and sex, of “even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.” But if WWZ is actually a quality movie then so much the better.


I remain highly skeptical. The trailers have looked rather bad IMO, and bringing in Damon Lindelof as the guy to fix the apparently bad ending it had doesn’t do a lot to encourage.


I liked the preview at the start of Star Trek, even my dad liked it and he is 70 and more like a traditional Zombie than the Zombies in the movie.

I loved the book, not bothered if the film isn’t like the book though, can’t see how it ever would be, just doesnt work as a film imo but if it reviews well I will catch it but im certainly not joing the i’ve got my panties in a twist because it isn’t exactly like the book people. It’s just another film along with all the other films out there that I can or cant watch.


I haven’t read the book, so that has little bearing on my opinion of the trailers.


Something like WWZ needs the full-on expensive HBO series treatment. Epic book/book series are perfect for that medium. Oh well.





Don’t get too excited. The actual reviews so far aren’t great.


“It will scare the living heck AT you!”

                                                            - Darren Aronofsky


Most of the reviews I’ve seen are all in the 2 to 3 out of 5 range, so while it’s not a good movie by any means, it doesn’t seem to be the second coming of Ishtar (which is a movie I love, and have on VHS to tell the truth!). So maybe everyone expecting to revel in a horrible trainwreck will just have to ratchet down their expectations.


It’s tracking well on RottenTomatoes… granted, only 8 reviews so far.


Sounds like it turned out more like I Am Legend. Perfectly fine movie (I know, I know, lots of opinions on I Am Legend), but in no way really connected to the source material.

As long as it’s entertaining, I can forgive them using the name without really using the book.

Would still like to see WWZ turned into a 1-season series at some point. Might work well as an anime, actually. Each chapter would turn nicely into a single episode. Most work as stand alones with a general story tying them all together.


I’m sure your right, and I anticipated that from the moment the first trailer debuted. As I said earlier in the thread,


The way it was described by AICN makes it seem like not a bad movie, to be honest, seemed to have lots of elements that would seem to be fairly exciting or at least tension-filled. Kind of have to think of zombies somewhat differently, and this is pretty much not World War Z in anything but name.

— Alan


On the theory that a director makes the kind of movies he would like to see, it boggles my mind that Aronofsky enjoyed this.