World War Z movie FAIL


Slow zombies are all about walking past them because they are so easy to avoid, then you lock yourself in a building to get some sleep and wake up find that the place is surrounded by hundreds or thousands of zombies and now what are you going to do?


Yeah - good zombie fiction recognizes that a single zombie is not much threat. But there’s always more somewhere nearby, and you can’t keep your guard up all the time. Good zombie fiction recognizes that it’s silly to think of a zombie creeping up and killing a strong, mentally alert adult male. It’s not very silly for a zombie to surprise and overpower an overtired, underfed, shell shocked survivor, though.


A zombie also doesn’t have to be strong enough to overpower you or beat you up. All it takes is one little bite and you are finished.

For me, the plight of the bitten is one of the most emotionally effective aspects of these sorts of stories. The walking death sentence, the unavoidable doom.


I saw the trailer for this a while ago and had no idea it was a zombie movie until the title reveal at the end. The CG is really bizarre. It looked like aggressive human pyramids.


And finally cheerleaders took their deserved place atop the horror creature hierarchy.


Patient Zero passes on her traits.


A review by the local paper. It does have a spoiler of the end, if you can call it that. The guy gives it a B-.

Decent action, mindless, bad writing.


Sounds like a perfect adaptation!

Seeing it in a couple of hours and am looking forward to it - wouldn’t be surprised if it’s my favorite summer movie, except perhaps Pacific Rim.


All of my friends who have seen this say that it is terribad and unintentionally hilarious. Which is kind of what I’d been expecting until the positive buzz starting leaking in the last week or two.


As terrible as the decision to nerf the movie to PG13, it does all right until Korea, and it completely falls apart at Israel. Ugh.

I’d rather see that epic mega expensive Moscow battle they ended up cutting entirely than that end. The “cure” is beyond stupid, and it’s a titanic waste of Peter Capaldi.


Whoa, Peter Capaldi is in this? That changes everything!


I’ll probably end up seeing this because of two things: 1) I’m married and 2) it stars Brad Pitt. Here’s hoping I’m at least mildly entertained.


Back from the theater. Do we need a spoiler thread? I just want to vent about all the missed opportunities of this movie.

I do feel sorta bad for (and am sorta laughing at) the actor who left Game of Thrones for the role of the hotshot Harvard virologist in this movie. Sure, he was a secondary character on Game of Thrones, but he could have milked that gig for years.


I love this description.


Yeah, nevermind, it ain’t that.

Agree with what Woolen Horde says - ok until Korea, completely falls apart at Israel. The revised ending gave it some closure, but I’d probably rather see the expensive Moscow battle.

What a disjointed, terribly written mess. Some good, intense scenes, but all of them have been spoiled in trailers.



My no-watch-trailers policy probably saved those bits of the movie for me.

I’m reading that the execs killed the Moscow battle because the good guys end up doing stuff like using prisoners as human shields, because the situation is that desperate. That moral quandary was apparently too much for a PG-13 audience to wrestle with, so chop chop. Unfortunately, the movie needed a lot more of that, because the entire point of the book is about humanity being wiped off the face of the planet and being forced to do a lot of very unpleasant things to survive.

I could have done with more scenes of cities falling, the government desperately trying to hold things together, and seeing a lot more emotional impact. You barely get any of that in the movie.

Plus, the need to shoehorn the family plot weighed it down at the wrong fucking times.

And don’t get me started about the vaccine. Ughhhhhh.


This movie really did seem like a mish mash of completely different films – I hated the kids, but the family plot to the ship is decent enough. After that, the movie seems to shift with each scene. So many red herrings and unfocused, underutilized threads.

Every zombie movie to date might have a scene or two of the outbreak, but generally focuses on survivors in the aftermath of a fallen world. My favorite parts of zombie movies have always been the “collapse” part – the first third of Dawn of the Dead. The montage of world events (and Sarah P’s escape) in the Dawn remake. We never get much of the “collapse” because of budgetary concerns (and some logical gymnastics) – but I was excited by the prospect that this would finally be a zombie movie about the collapse – events on a huge scale, in all parts of the world. But it doesn’t really deliver.

Nothing about the outbreak makes much sense (infects within 12 seconds, but it was spread by international air travel?). I don’t care about the cause of the outbreak or the logical jumps needed to result in a zombie apocalypse as long as the material is vague enough for you to read in what you want - but this movie goes out of the way to contradict itself repeatedly.

I’m not a big fan of the book - bunch of stupidity and outright weirdness dragged it down, so I was quite happy for the movie to abandon the source material and just tell its own large scale zombie outbreak story - but the film was so senseless it actually made me nostalgic for the book, and got me recalling some of the anecdotes and small tales that worked well in the book. In part because there’s only 2-3 elements from the book in the movie at all (North Korea and Israel having solutions, and the characterization of the virus as analogous rabies) but those are needlessly changed, and not for the better. Just weird.


No, it really doesn’t - I mean I know the guy has to earn a living but his role in this is pretty bloody disappointing…


I enjoyed the first two-thirds of that, but on second thought I’d like to try ending A.


World War Z. The Z is for zzzzzzzzzz. Worst zombie movie of my life, worst film of the year for me. If you want to see coordinated military action against a zombie horde, watch the trailers. I don’t think there’s a single frame in the movie that wasn’t shown in the previews.