World War Z movie FAIL


A Blu-Ray in Denmark costs 40 bucks.


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.



So, slight derailment here, so please be patient. I was sort of looking forward to WWZ but now it’s looking like a rental. My year has been super busy this year, so I haven’t researched movies much. This led to a really unfortunate couple hours watching Oz the Great and Powerful a couple months back. I might have time for a movie this weekend, and was hoping for something with some pace, plot and fun (or intensity). Any suggestions? recent things I’ve enjoyed were Star Trek, Avengers, and Lincoln.


Isn’t Pacific Rim out this weekend (in the US?)


July 12th.


AMC does morning matinees which in the D.C. area are $6-$7 for a 2D showing, or about 3 bucks less than a regular (noon to 4 PM) matinee. Usually less crowded, too, especially on a Sunday morning.


I really liked the Israel part and the soldier he takes with him. The rest was pretty zzzzzzzzzz. CGI didn’t bother me, I guess I’m a robot.


Did some digging after my post and found there are some cheaper options - my problem is I’m addicted to the AVX theatres with reserved seating, big chairs, etc.- so we can just show up and walk in at the time the movie starts. I would go to a lot fewer movies if it wasn’t for AVX, especially blockbusters where you otherwise have to wait in line for decent seats.

The only downside is it’s always the 3D version showing in that theatre, and I’m really at the end of my rope with post-production 3D – I don’t understand why anyone likes it.

Movies actually filmed in 3D, like Avatar (bleh), make the format worthwhile, but there have been almost no actual 3D movies – and a zillion post-production 3d scams.


Desslock, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know The Wizard of Oz is getting a 75th anniversary one week limited re-release… in Imax 3d.

Yes, I’m serious.


Just saw it tonight in 3D. I loved it. Great flick.

For once zombies actually seemed like a real threat.


It’s an average movie. I think it would have been better if it were produced as a TV mini-series.


After this weekend the movie has made 366 million dollars worldwide. A zombie movie has made over 350 million dollars in box office!

When I was a teen watching Dawn of the Dead in a drive-in, it was not even in the realm of fantasy to think I’d ever live to see the day zombie gore was on tv as a weekly series(not even on a pay channel!), and that a zombie movie would star a top of the line actor, have a budget of a couple of hundred million, and make hundreds of millions of dollars from general audiences around the world.

I can’t imagine how George Romero feels about this. I can remember reading about his struggles to make his zombie movies on a shoestring budget, Fangoria had lots of articles featuring him back then. His original vision of Day of the Dead had a team of trained zombies fighting on the humans’ side, no budget meant that zombie platoon was reduced to Bub. Then again he did make Land of the Dead, so maybe more money wouldn’t have helped.


Hey, I never thought I’d see superhero movies bringing in the bucks the way they do. The geeky popular culture of our youth has been mined for $$$.


Comic book superheroes relegated to comics was before my time. Superman had already been a big hit in theaters by the time I saw DotD. For me, zombie movies went from the sort of thing you could only watch in sketchy theaters, due to being released unrated cause of gore, to something starring Brad Pitt and shown as a summer blockbuster in no time.

I can see how it would blow a comic book fan’s mind though. Iron Man is right now the biggest movie superhero, bigger than Batman or Superman. How did THAT happen?!?! Who the hell was Iron Man to movie audiences before that first movie came out? No one.

These are crazy times we live in.


I went into this with extremely low expectations based on Damon Lindelof’s involvement. I was mostly just bored for most of the movie, which is maybe better than hating it? Or at least uses less energy. So I guess way to go, Damon.


According to this source:

the film cost almost $200m, and needs to earn at least $500m to break even.


I can’t say Lindelof ruined a film that respected its source material so much that it entirely jettisoned it, but he sure did squeeze the script down the narrow end of a funnel and introduce some classic pseudo-science bullshit!


Why did you go then, life is too short to do stuff you think is likely to be shit and then turns out to be that as well.


Because reasons. Also I wanted to listen to the World War Zopsis.