World War Z movie FAIL


Yeah, the disease angle was stupid. Was that in the book? I read part of it and got a bit bored and abandoned it. The movie was pretty meh for me. Glad it was on Netflix for free.


I’ve not read the book. I’ve read the first Brooks zombie novel, “The Zombie Survival Guide.” Which used all the regular zombie rules, it was just an amusing slant on talking about the same concepts. From what I’ve read, “World War Z” does not involve anything particularly unusual, it’s more a series of short zombie stories strung together.


The book does not contain a silver bullet solution to the zombie solution. Humans do win the world back, but they do so through hard work and optimizing their zombie-killing methods over time. There was a shovel/sword thing described in the book as the turning point invention, arising from the men of the ranks. Its absence from the movie was the biggest disappointment to me. Not so much because the shovel was going to be exciting as it told me the movie wasn’t going to do what I most enjoyed about the book. I liked the book’s “these things didn’t work; this technique showed promise” workman-like approach to describing the conflict. The movie had none of that. Everything that was original about the source material was left out.


I would offer in weak defense of the zombies-hate-disease solution that they do at least establish it throughout the film, so it didn’t feel like a third act deus ex machina. It was a kind of dumb I could handle. Really, that being the key to survival was much easier to buy than nobody noticing it until Pitt finally figures it out.


I watched the first act today on Netflix. A nice opening to the movie, from first discovery to their evacuation from New Jersey rooftops.


Nope, not in the book. As Gus notes Brooksian zombies are standard.


Keep going…



Don’t. If you quit now, you can just live your life believing the rest of the movie followed suit. It’s for the best.


I was thinking of just leaving it there. It’s a nice self contained little short story I watched. Why spoil it?


You know, actually if you want to finish it out of curiosity, watching it as episodic chunks wouldn’t be a half bad idea. There were several parts in the movie that I thought would’ve been cool if it were a smaller movie about just this new setting or development or whatever.

So maybe just take a break each night when the setting changes. The parts are better than the sum of the whole, or something.


I really would love to see the original ending of this movie, with the crazy battle in Russia.


They should have considered a TV mini-series instead of a film feature.


Netflix has updated with a “Unrated Director’s Cut” type banner for this film. Anyone know what the new material is?


A few blood spurts on a couple of scenes.


I figured as much. I was hoping for a deleted scene or two near the beginning. You know, fun zombie stuff.


I finished the rest of the movie today.

And I liked it. Not the strongest movie, but not too bad either. One thing I liked about the movie is how it skipped over things that weren’t important (like showing the plane land in Korea), but did linger on many little things that were important (like Gerry hugging his wife goodbye, focusing on his hands as he tightened them in his potentially final hug). Good stuff. I even liked the idea of camouflage a lot. A very clever way of setting up the final sequence in the movie.


Yah, I enjoyed it as well when I watched it. I watch a ton of horror…like a ton of A / B / C / college handycam horror and this rates pretty high. Not an all time classic, but an enjoyable high budget zombie flick.


I wonder if the Blu-ray is available in Japan to rent for 86 yen yet. I might be willing to risk it.



World War Z’s sequel has confirmed a release date. The Brad Pitt-produced project (via Plan B) is set to hit theaters on June 9, 2017.

Director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible) will work alongside screenwriter Steven Knight, who will pen the sequel for Paramount and Skydance.


Huh. Well, that should be… a movie with stuff.