World War Z movie FAIL


Not too surprising given that (according to your article) the original has earned $540 million worldwide to date.

For some real WTF have you heard the original ending of the movie before audience feedback told them it sucked:

original ending

[spoiler]Gerry [Brad Pitt] [ends up in Moscow and] reaches Karin [his wife]. He explains to her that the cold is the way they’ll win battles, which does her no good because it just so happens she and the kids are in a refugee camp in the sweltering heat of the Everglades. They’re in the type of camp where you have to have something to trade to survive, and it just so happens the one thing Karin had to trade was herself. She doesn’t explicitly tell Gerry this, but after she hastily hangs up the phone we see that she’s in some kind of reluctantly consensual relationship with the soldier who rescued them from the rooftop at the beginning of the movie.

[The soldier coercing his wife] then calls Gerry back and explains to him that he should just stay wherever he is and start a new life like he and Karin have. Gerry refuses to accept this, though, and he embarks on a rage mission to get back to his wife and daughters. Trouble is the nearest port that won’t be frozen is thousands of miles away, so there’s a montage of Gerry, Simon and Segen crossing various terrain until they ultimately end up on a boat. They’re now off of the Oregon coast and they attack the American shore like it’s D-day. And that’s how the movie ends. Not with Gerry having discovered a cure, but with him storming across the United States of America to get Karin back.[/spoiler]

Some of the scenes from Moscow end up in the movie in the montage of fighting zombies around the world.


Half a billion dollar box office guaranteed a sequel, the surprise is that it’s taking so long. From the sound of it they don’t even have a script yet. What have they been doing all this time?


Gary Whitta introduced choggle pants at a script meeting.


Probably trying to figure out how to dig themselves out of the narrative hole that Lindelof left them in.


“I know, I’ll dig my way out!” - Homer Simpson


Shit, even the Bagger 288 couldn’t dig a good script out of a Lindelof hole.


Hey, I thought the movie was okay-ish. I was just so surprised that

Segen survives till the end AND keeps on kicking butt

that I barely minded the second half. Maybe she’ll get to do more in the sequel.


Meh, wish we were getting a 28 months later movie instead.


We are, I think. I’ll try to find a link, but I know I’ve heard there’s one at some stage of probably happening.

edit: This is a “this might happen” news item from January, but I’m sure I’ve seen an update more recently also indicating it will probably happen. No guarantees at this point, but people are trying.


I suppose a big budget movie with zombies could be cool. I was so-so on the first one. Waited until I could see it for free and liked it enough to watch until the end, but didn’t say to myself, “I hope they do a sequel!” I will probably wait until the sequel is free.


I feel like I finally saw this movie done right, in the latest episode of Game of Thrones (s5,e8).


Rented the Blu-ray for a buck. Glad I didn’t pay more. It was alright. Pretty middling movie in my opinion. Something you have playing while you check your smartphone at the same time. Did the movie guys essentially just pay Max Brooks for the use of the World War Z title because I didn’t see any content at all from the actual book.


To the last point, apparently. The movie had a very troubled production though, so it’s possible that at some point in the early stages it somewhat resembled Brooks’ work.


From what I remember reading, once it became a leading role for Pitt, any attempt to stick to the book went out the window. There’s no way you are going to have Brad Pitt starring in a movie where he has an almost cameo sized role, and then sell that movie as starring Brad Pitt.


This 2013 Vanity Fair article dishes the dirt on the production issues.

In her revealing report, Holson also speaks to director Marc Forster and Paramount executives Marc Evans and Adam Goodman about the many problems that plagued the set—which included re-writing and reshooting 40 minutes of the film to find a coherent ending—and, most astonishingly, how the budget ballooned to around $200 million.

While closing down the production in Malta, for instance, the wrap-up crew found a stack of purchase orders related to the cast and extras that had been casually tossed into a desk drawer and forgotten; the amount totaled in the millions of dollars. Marc Evans, president of production at Paramount, was shocked. He calls the overages an “unthinkable action” which needed to be addressed immediately. “It was literally insane. Adam [Goodman, president of the Paramount Film Group] and I believed we’d gotten out of Malta good, and I found out we weren’t. That is a nightmare.”

When it came time to watch the director’s cut, Holson reports, the room was silent. “It was, like, Wow. The ending of our movie doesn’t work,” says Evans. “I believed in that moment we needed to reshoot the movie.” After 10 minutes of polite discussion, everyone left. “We were going to have long, significant discussions to fix this,” he recalls thinking.

tl:dr: They had a lot of problems.


Reportedly director Juan Antonio Bayona has bailed from the sequel.

— Alan


Because it just wouldn’t be a WWZ movie without production issues.


Okay, Fincher taking on zombies? I might be interested in seeing that.


Uh yeah, that gets my attention. Still never seen the first movie.


It’s not nearly as bad as many have made it out to be. It’s not great - and it certainly is a poor representation of the stories from the book - but the sheer spectacle of the zombie hordes flowing like a tide of death can be pretty thrilling if you just strap in for a crazy ride.

Curious to see how Fincher deals with this subject; the dude is a master of brutality.