World War Z movie FAIL


Speaking of I Am Legend, I recently rewatched The Last Man on Earth, the Vincent Price version, and it is still totally awesome. One of the more serious Price movies.


I would link you to a place where you can buy it but there doesn’t seem to be one, it’s by the BBC and turns up quite often on Radio 4. It features my favourite accent in the world “Radio 4 American”, best listened to at bedtime.

It’s easy enough to find elsewhere though…


Totally agree. Hell, I’ll even go so far as to say Omega Man captures the spirit (if not the story) of I Am Legend far more effectively than the Wil Smith travesty.

p.s. I’m a massive Richard Matheson fan boy, so take all my input on his work accordingly. :)


I am not a huge Matheson fanboy, but I would agree. Especially after learning that the makers of the Will Smith one completely chickened out on actually using the correct ending, or at least a permutation of it. I guess they never noticed their title didn’t make sense otherwise.


The full trailer’s up. Youtube version here.


Better than the short clip linked in the OP, but still not what I wanted.


I think every movie from now on should pay royalties to Steven Spielberg for using that loud BRRRRRRAAAAAAAAMMMMP noise from War of the Worlds.


It looks like a Roland Emmerich movie.


Super fast zombies like that mean no hope. Not only are you outnumbered but they are more physically fit than you. Which only makes the “You are suited for this job” line more laughable. What is he so well suited for, a suicide mission?

It’s I Am Legend all over again, the world is destroyed but this guy has to complete his mission otherwise…the world will be destroyed times 2 I guess.


Sometimes the best man for the job is the one that realises it’s not a journey; every journey ends but we go on…the world turns and we turn with it…plans disappear, dreams take over but wherever he goes…there zombies are…his luck, his fate, his fortune.



I skimmed this thread and will go back to read it in detail, and I’m sure someone has already said this in some form or fashion:

Slow zombies are scarier than fast zombies.

I don’t consider or include 28 Days or 28 Weeks “zombies” when I say that, those are just crazy ass people, not undead people.

Now to go back and read the thread and see how many people already said this more eloquently, and the vicious (yet worthless in my mind) arguments against my opinion.


With the success of The Walking Dead, I bet HBO is kicking themselves for not just doing a proper miniseries adaptation.

It’s been obvious that this was going to deviate from the book for sometime, but this just seems bland and pretty by-committee.


That could have been amazing. Now I’m depressed.


HBO probably never had a shot to begin with. Novels like that pitched for movies first, TV second.

Stuff like Game of Thrones can’t be turned into a movie, so it went TV, and HBO’s pretty darn happy with that.


Watched the trailer again, and it’s still an utter failure with regards to its source material, but it doesn’t look half-bad on its own merits. Elite squad commandos dealing with zombies sounds like it could make for a fun angle.


I can’t decide which is more plausible: zombie apocalypse, or “a U.N. employee is racing against time and fate…”

I had to look up whether it’s the same character in the book. I can’t believe he went with that. Well, at least it’s not the newspaper journalist fantasy.


I’m pretty sure the “BRAAAAMP” royalty check goes to the Inception trailer people.


Trailer was meh, I like my zombies like the ones in the Walking Dead.


Everything can be turned into a movie, including Game of Thrones. It’s just a matter of completely ignoring the source material, much like in this case (from what I can tell).


As someone who doesn’t know the source material, I thought that looked like it could be a fun, mindless, summer popcorn flick. As someone who couldn’t care less about zombies, I have to say the few times I’ve encountered them in my cinema or TV, slow zombies bore the living guano out of me half the time and just lead to endless soap operas among the humans sitting around.