World War Z - Saber Interactive, zombie piles

4-player co-op. Coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One sometime this year.

Hmm I do like WWZ fast zombies, this could be fun.

Looks to be another EPIC store exclusive.
Steam logo is gone from the new trailer, but is present in the old reveal.

OutliveTheDead on April 16


Launch trailer, it could be good… Anyone getting it?

While I love zombie games of this nature I think I am going to wait for impressions since I am having a hard time getting a read on if this will be worthwhile or not.

Trailer looks good, but gameplay is probably something along the lines of Left 4 Dead, which I didn’t care for. So I’m more interested in next week’s Days Gone, which has zombie hordes like that, but in a single player action adventure. That one should be a lot more interesting than a Left 4 Dead style game, to me.

Saber’s no longer working on Quake Champions anymore, right? Although it borrowed some id Tech features, the game was running on their internal engine.

5 steam bux we see this Friday night around 9 pm est…

I mean Zombies? But you know I’d actually like to see it…

The sight of piles of zombies climbing a gate is both awesome and terrifying. Seems like it should be a blast in co-op.

Based on ACG’s review, the framerate holds up really well on all kinds of configurations too.

Tempted to get that one to play with my sons.

Epic hyped up the twitch viewership a few days ago, but it seems to have dropped significantly.

Do Twitch views relate to how well a game is selling? Asking because it doesn’t make sense to me. :)

Not necessarily. And if they’re bragging about twitch numbers instead of sales numbers, the latter is probably bad.

Twitch views are a horrible metric since they pay the big streamers to play the game for a few days (wildly inflating numbers) before going back to Fortnite or Apex Legends. It’s all artificial.

Heh ,the githyp page even says front and center “its about the views not the review scores”.

Ok 5 more double or nothing we see it Monday night!

Picked it up this week and it’s been fun. I wish it was first person instead of third, but that’s personal preference. Been playing coop with one buddy and rando’s have joined in seamlessly, and never spoken. The guns all feel pretty good and the gameplay’s been solid. It definitely draws a lot from the L4D franchise, and the first scene of the first mission will look incredibly familiar to those familiar with L4D.

All in all, a quick thumbs up.

Also, i’ve been thinking of it as World Warsy - as in “Well that attack on Stalingrad was very World Warsy, wouldn’t you say?” I dunno why I’m so amused by this…

I enjoyed seeing Jason stream this last night. AI bots are utter trash though.

Temptation to buy something from EPIC store is waning.

Roadmap stuff for the games next few months here:

I can’t find any official forums for this game. Are there any?