World War Z - Saber Interactive, zombie piles

Personally, I don’t play longer single player games without cloud save.

Eh… a harder mode added for masochists.

The patch for WWZ seems to have upped my performance. was getting 100fps in the benchmark at ultra in 1440p but now post-patch benchmark reports 140fps.

I did not see this coming.

Update 4 and 5 roadmap.

Between losing the progress twice due to no cloud saves at the time and lack of interesting modes, there hasn’t been any incentive for my gaming group to get together to play this past the 1-2 times we tried.

Has this ever had a sale yet? Does the Epic store even have a wishlist / sale notification feature??

On sale for $20 until Nov 1.

No one in my group of RL gamers could find any reason to keep playing this and they were avid L4D and Pay Day 2 players.

Yeah its missing that L4D magic, I played all the WWZ campaigns so far and they are just ok.

Update 6

Finally gonna pick this up. It’s $15 with the winter sale right now, plus they’re offering a $10 off coupon for any purchase of at least $15. So…$5 seems decent I guess?

Hmmm yeah it’s not quite grabbing me. Special zombies seem exceedingly rare and it never felt like we were in danger. Also it might just be my crappy graphics card and low settings, but none of the swarm effects really wowed me.

The one thing I could see being interesting is playing around with different loadouts and all the different toys…except I can’t because I have to slowly unlock everything. I just don’t have time for that, game companies.

(also trying to have L4D banter without Erik Wolpow writing)

Free this week over on the EGS.

Yeah, don’t sleep on this. WWZ is a very good game

@KristiGaines get it so we can coop

Has PC / Xbox and now PS4 cross play too!

Do Xbox and PS4 need the paid Plus/Live subs?

Yes, they would.