Worldnetdaily poll

I thought this was surreal, 55% of the respondents to WND’s latest poll believes Osam Bin Laden is allready secretly in US custody. Not that I am suprised that WND is read by kooks, but this was worse than I expected.

In another, related, piece of WND goodness Joseph Farah’s woefully misnamed online intelligence newsletter “suggests strongly” that OBL “… may be hiding in China – with the tacit acquiescence of Beijing as part of its overall commitment to asymmetrical warfare.”. Unfortunately the juicy details are reserved for the subscribers.

Johan, it’s WND. You might as well poll the readers of Newsmax or Free Republic. Or Democratic Underground, for that matter. Not the places to look for sane commentary.

That second piece is another indicator of the increasingly anti-China stance I have noticed among conservatives lately.

China’s a big neocon boogyman. That recent report from The Pentagon about the “threat” China poses really reminds me of the number the “B Team” did on the Soviet Union - turning them from a hobbled old commie whose medications were running out into a massive titan of evil pumped up on steroids.

China is a potential competator to be taken seriously but with the neocons running things I can’t believe anything this administration has to say at face value.

Why you should never even bother visiting WND. Just one example of 5,000.


Something is going to have to justify the inevitable additional tariffs we’ll need to slap on China’s low priced goods to get our economy back working healthily if they don’t start controlling the exchange rate more stringently. Might as well lay the groundwork of terrorist support now.

I rather doubt the US has caught OBL, but if I was running the show and caught OBL I’d be tempted to keep it secret to avoid turning him into a martyr.

You can always avoid martydom by not killing him. Just hand him over to the International Court of Justice where he wouldn’t face the death penalty. All the time he is alive and free he is gaining mystique which adds to his attraction to would be activists. That can’t be a good thing.

I don’t think not killing him will be so easy. He seems like just the sort to make sure he isn’t captured alive.