Worlds Best Men's Room? Oh hell no!
Best Men’s Room: The Madonna Inn

Ok so I have lived in this area for well over 20 years and tonight was the first time I have had a chance to eat dinner here. Really I could care less about the place because the food was not that great and it really never has been. Before tonight I had no idea that this place had one of the world’s best bathrooms and really I could care less they had this distinction but I was curious none the less.

So after sitting down to dinner and having a few drinks and listening to the people that I am with tell me how great this bathroom was and how it was on this “list” I decided that I needed to take a nice long piss just so I could say I have been in one of the worlds best bathrooms.

I mosey on down fully ready to take one of the best pisses of my life only to be greeted to what most people would call a horrible bathroom experience ( ok not that bad ). I open the door to this place and I nearly pissed my self laughing because this is by and far not one of the world’s best bathrooms it’s prolly the furthest thing from it. I have seen nicer bathrooms down in TJ then this thing.

First of all it’s not clean. Now it’s not piss on the floors dirty but seriously the towel dispenser was broken and there where towels all over the floor. Second this “Waterfall” pisser was just a trough with some water that ran down a rock so that it washed your piss away. Now I don’t know about you dudes but I rather dislike whipping out my dick and taking a piss with 3 other dudes standing right next to you with no partition separating you. I saw 4 guys standing there taking a piss and I wanted to shout " DONT CROSS THE STREAMS!" but I didn’t and tried to find a stall to take a piss in because the “waterfall” only accommodated 4 people and even then it looked like they where about to gang bang each other they were so close.

Anyways this amazing bathroom only had 2 stalls and holy shit one of them was out of order. Yeah that’s great shit for the one of the best bathrooms in the world.

I take a rather uneventful piss and head back to my table only to hear the people I am with ask “wasn’t that bathroom amazing?” I quickly reply “No it’s the worst fucking bathroom in the world and who in the fuck wants to stand 2 inches from the dude next to you while holding your dick trying to take a piss?” They quickly reply " But dude the waterfall!" and I say " fuck the waterfall there is a dude holding his dick right next to me I could give a shit about whatever else is in that room."

At this point I would like to point out the fact that this “article” was written by a chick and I would suspect that if the women’s room had no stalls and they all had to pop a squat and take a piss right next to each other while a waterfall washed their piss away it would not be one of the best bathrooms in the world.

Seriously it’s the worst men’s bathroom in the world. That bitch was high as a kite when she tried to pass this off as the best men’s room ever.
Now this one
Mandalay Bay Resort’s China Grill Restaurant

Is the best bathroom ever and it really does deserve a number 2 spot. You know why it does? Because you don’t see another living soul while you are trying to take your piss. They have private bathrooms! It’s like revolutionary and shit.

EDIT : Here is the fucking “Waterfall”

Ah, how many times have we all said that. Certain things, you just can’t help focusing on.

Ah, how many times have we all said that. Certain things, you just can’t help focusing on.[/quote]
I was planning on extracting that exact quote as I was reading his post. I was playing some Goldeneye from the beanbag chair on the floor in my friend’s dorm room, freshman year. His roommate comes in and says “Hey Chris” and I turn around, eye level with his Oddjob. He’s one of those guys who just thinks his penis is funny and any appearance will draw laughter. Needless to say, I lost that round of Goldeneye.

Well, ranv, you musta missed the faux rock that is actually an intercom to a midget prostitute who lives in the waterfall. She descends and gives you the best blowjob of your life, man. Your life. The other guys, they could be pissing on you and you wouldn’t care.

The cleanest bathroom I have ever seen was the men’s room of The Palamino gentlemen’s club in Vegas. It was so clean that the next day, the bachelor party group I was with talked more about that than the dancers.

“I want that head so sanitary and squared away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in and take a dump.”

Well, ranv, you musta missed the faux rock that is actually an intercom to a midget prostitute who lives in the waterfall

Dude I bet my dick would look like a fuckin baseball bat in the hands of a midget.

Does anyone else notice that Schmidt’s story about a guy sticking his dick in his face would appropriately be labeled “The Golden Eye Incident”? That’s just too funny.

I saw 4 guys standing there taking a piss and I wanted to shout “DONT CROSS THE STREAMS!” but I didn’t

A missed opportunity like that is truly tragic.

So that Mandalay Bay bathroom, if I read correctly, is supposed to be sexy? You go into a unisex bathroom and all the stalls are frosted glass so you can see a silouette. Maybe in the movies that’s sexy. But when you sidle past a hot blonde who then goes into the bathroom and takes a massive stinky shit, complete with bathroom echoing sound effects, I’m sure your illusions would be dashed. Or even better, since this is real life, Mama Bumfuck from Bumfuck, Idaho walks in to the bathroom in her flowerprint moomoo and you can see her 400 lb potato bag silouette in the stall.

Yum. Back to my sushi now!

complete with bathroom echoing sound effects

They are sound proof and smell proof as well. I shit you not on that.

Also they have TVs in the walls so you can watch TV while you take a shit if thats what you would like. As far as I remember you cant really see anything behind the frosted glass either.

So pissing on the floor is supposed to be revolutionary? That’s been pretty much the status quo in every public bathroom I’ve ever visited. Hardly A+ material.

The design has been described as a “futuristic pod” and is separated from the main dining room by only a metal beaded curtain.

This must be what they mean by “futureshock.”

The bathrooms offer full privacy, but visible shadows outlined on the frosted glass stalls make this experience a tantalizing one.

To echo ElGuapo, there are many things I want a trip to the can to be, including private, well-lit, and, most of all, sanitary. “Tantalizing” is not one of them.

Well, what about if there are choggle pants involved?

And Qt3 moves up yet another position in Google’s choggle pants results…

Please tell me why I just googled for choggle pants. And tell me why Gary Whitta birthed the term here and now I’m thinking “I wonder if people really do that?”

Well I just choggled for google pants, so look at me.

That Mandalay Bay bathroom is alright, I guess. And, actually, you get more hot blondes (and melatonin/hair dye equivalents) than 400-pound mamas in Mandalay. Still, it’s the fucking grunter. What’s next, Singles Night in the County ER?

“Hey Chronic Pancreatitis in Bed 3 - I’m checking you out. Call me after the morphine kicks in.”

I only started posting here because I thought it was some sort of choggle pants enthusiast site. But, honestly, I keep PM’ing people with choggle pants party invites, and Sofaer’s the only one who showed any real interest.

On the one hand, projected silhouettes of shapely nude women are undeniably sexy.

On the other hand, knowing that the hot chick behind the class has a dysfunction so bad that she has to strip before relieving herself is decidedly not.

I was at a Sony HQ several years ago for a meeting. After three hours of drinking tea I was desperate for a piss. After getting directions from the receptionist I hurry into what was the cleanest, most delightful toilet I have ever had the pleasure of pissing in. No turds on the floor and not a puddle of piss or pubic hair tumbleweed anywhere. There were actual paper towels in the holder, and no hand-prints on the wall or mirror. Maybe I was in the executive suite?

Upon exiting it was embarassingly clear that it was the ladies restroom. *

[size=2]*I know the correct punchline is “Mr Kutaragi, I had no idea it was your office!” or would have involved someone interrupting me mid-stream, but I was worry free for the whole thing.

People with a shy bladder don’t really care for this sort of waterfall thing in a bathroom. If you had a urnial like this at the local theater, you are just asking for trouble.