World's best "pushing someone down the stairs" sim

Finally a sim I can really get behind:

If Smart can somehow work this in to his next battleship game, I promise I’ll buy a copy.

I’m at work and I thought that was boring. Is there any way to speed it up? The guy takes forever to hit the bottom. That last step is agonizing.

Call me old school, but I want my video game characters to fall down the stairs quickly. And to scream a lot more when I do 325 damage points to their shoulders.

Is there any way to speed it up?

It’s a sim, not Tony Hawk 4. Go back to your consoles and let us adults have our sophisticated lens cap removal / battle of Austerlitz / stair pushing simulations.

Call me old school

You’re an old school.

Is there any way to speed it up

no, no, it’s clearly too fast. Why isn’t there an option for carpeted stairs? The sound effects are subpar, but hang on to your jaws because if you don’t, they’ll splash in the sea of drool. that you drooled. when you saw the graphics.
Where’s the patch??!!!

I’m looking forward to the “concrete platform dive” expansion pack.

Thank you. You are noticeing of course that it is made by Finland men. It is seriously the fault of a happening at a party from the demo scene where my brother was witnessing it, but the informations were very complecate so I am not knowing will you get the point? Still, many helpfuls to mister Erik for his straight seeing!


Well, I guess I’ll just wait for the god-mode patch that let’s me use the rail gun. Way to go on the straight seeing, though.

Pak chooie… UNF!!

Grandma is protected.

Do not listen to the Shover robot.

He is malfunctioning.

I am outraged by this game.

Stair tumbling injuries are not something that should be taken as a joke. 1,000s of people die every year because of stair injuries and often the cause for the injury is a push to begin the tumble down.

These are not made up fantasy injuries like you see in GTA3. A kid playing this game does not have to go out and steal mom’s car and AK47 to recreate the scenes he sees in this game. He can replicate the action with his living rooms stairs and his little sister. What are we teaching our children, by allowing them to play such a game?

So I ask, what about the children!?!? Who is protecting the children from this awful game?

I am writing my congresswoman right now and demanding the halt to the import of all finnish stair falling games. Please join me before it is no longer safe to pause at the top of your own stairs before you begin your orderly and safe walk down. And remember, if there is a handrail, use it.


Chet, do you have stairs in your house?



Do not listen to the Shover robot.

He is malfunctioning.

Bah, that’s just Pusher robot propaganda.

  • Alan

this is just the rare sort of rigid body mechanics simulation that has the potential to transcend the usual limitations of the genre, and broaden the audience beyond the traditional pocket protector set. mark my words, with the right publishing deal this could be big. i’m envisioneering ports to all major platforms, and perhaps a movie deal. A tie in with fox properties would be sublimely synergistic: something along the lines of “Alien vs Predator vs Gravity”. earth to taat: don’t squander your intellectual property! contact scott miller immediately!

I passed out and fell down two flights of stairs once. Upon waking up a few minutes later, I thought it was pretty funny. In fact, my laughing scared the one bystander who had STEPPED OVER ME to get her mail. Then I went to the doctor and he said I had pernicious anemia, which is like regular anemia but with bigger R-Type-like boss monsters. So everything turned out okay. The lessons of this story are:

– Don’t live in cheap apartments, where other residents think nothing of stepping over your corpse to get their latest People magazine.
– Eat more steak.
– Games about falling down stairs are funny.

Geez. If you’re serious, that sucks.


is it fun?

I am serious – but the stairs were carpeted (thankfully, lush brown shag that had not been updated since the Carter administration) and I apparently had a vast karmic surplus, so it was more of an A. A. Milne creature “…thumpity wump bump OH MY, TIGGER! thumpity ump” , not a Die Hard henchman “…aagh aieee SCHEISSE ALLES IST! twistsnap crack gurgle”. No harm done.

So, apparently you’re not “Aunt Bunnie” then.

Wow, you need a post-graduate degree in film studies to get the jokes around here. Pretty fancy!

This game rocks.