Worlds second craziest dictator dies

The Turkmenbashi is dead.

They can rename the weekdays back to what they were, and cancel the ice city he had planned in the desert.

who would you pick as the world’s #1 crazy and #1 evil dictators?

Mugabe is the most evil. Kim Jong Il is the most crazy.

We all know who the best dressed is though.
Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin

Considering one of Kim Jong Il’s official titles is ‘walking computer that astonishes the experts’ I don’t think there can be any real competion, at least not with Turkmenbashi gone. Though I guess NK might be more insane as a state than Kim is as a person. After watching the movie that Wong posted in best youtube I think Kim makes a respectable effort to claim the title as most evil as well.

Obligatory George W Bush vote here

Much as I dislike Dubya, he’s not even remotely in the running. Some of these guys are seriously whacked.

That tickles me in a wonderful way, please provide more KJI official titles.


Lodestar of the Twenty-First Century (the most common one)
Ever-Victorious General (KJI has never been in the military btw)
Great Victor of A Thousand Battles
Sun of Life
Best Leader Who Realized Human Wisdom
Heaven-Sent Hero
World’s Best Ideal Leader with Versatile Talents
World’s Greatest Writer

There’s more. Lots more. From the KCNA, the only news agency in the world that uses the word “balderdash” in a sentence.

World’s Best Ideal Leader with Versatile Talents

Did they hire Terry Pratchett to write some of these?

I thought Putin was elected?

Yeah, after he had his biggest rival jailed and other suspicious circumstances.

Paul Kagame, from Rwanda.

I don’t know what I expected him to look like, but certainly not like that.

Absolutely wonderful. I second KJI to be craziest AND most evil. There are dictators who commit genocide for personal political agendas. KJI seems to be letting children starve to death just because.

I’d actually say Mugabe is crazier, simply because he’s a wacky conspiracy theorist who thinks the English gays are out to buttsex his country into slavery. In contrast KJI has made fun of his personality cult to visitors. It’s all about maniacal control, he doesn’t really believe he is a hero sent from Heaven.

There’s also a very Confucian element to all the ridiculous praise. The NK press comes up with ever more extravagant titles because, even if the people involved don’t literally believe Kim personally is responsible for the Sun’s rays of light, they believe that as the Supreme Leader he is inherently worthy of all possible flattery. Kim’s father Kim Il Sung, although as tyrannical as his kid, was by all accounts honestly respected and worshipped by his people, who saw him as a heroic, dramatic George Washington figure who made sure everyone had enough rice, kicked the Japanese out and then stopped the UN from invading North Korea (history books being a bit different there). By contrast Kim Jong Il is the tubby guy who starved them to death.

He definitely pegs high on the evil scale, though.

You’re out of your element, Donnie.

Well, there’s elections and elections, you know? Maybe he just used Diebold machines.

Does he actually believe the shit he says, or is he just trying to distract everyone? I honestly don’t know that much about the country.

If I can cast a vote for “Most Disappointing” I vote for Joseph Kabila. I actually had hopes for that one–he genuinely sounded like he wanted to start his country on a path toward something resembling freedom when he first took over.

I know they have a definition of what is a dictator, but I think its a bit unfair to label the Sultan of Brunei alongside some of the crazies on that page. Brunei is an absolute monarchy, and a benevolent one at that.