World's Ugliest Couch

Stumbled on this today. Thanks internets!

Some of the entries further down the page are just stunning.

Can you find the cat in this photo?

The Pimp Throne of Ghettopolis! BEHOLD!

And I really LIKE this one. From the Nostromo…

Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers by Bassett

Couch made of nickels…

Hey, my grandparents had a couch like that!

I, to this day have not escaped the curse of the ugly couch.

That’s awesome. What’s awesome about it is it took me a good minute to see that there was someone on the couch.

Holy shit, I didn’t even notice that!

I love this shit lol

If that person’s boots weren’t there (covered, I guess) and the helmet was turned more to the side covering the neck, it would have taken a lot longer. On first glance it just looks like there is a rip in the couch or something.