Worms 3

Not sure if this has been discussed yet. When I heard that it would be in 3D I was a little skeptical, but it looks pretty cool. Some screenshots.

I just saw this one the other day, too. I love the Worms series and I hope the new 3D engine breathes a little life into it. The latest Worms titles seem to have become woefully stale to me.

Did any of you play the turn-based pig war game for the PSone? Hogs of War, IIRC. I do not think it sold well, but if I could have found someone patient enough to have played a Turn-based gaaame with me I think it would have been a blast. All of my local friends are much too twitchy. An online version for the PS2 would be great. Hell, any online TBS title would be great, but I am certainly not going to hold my breath for a developer to take a roll of the dice on that.

I just wanted to hop and and recommend against the GBA version of Worms World Party. You’d think Worms would make a great GBA game, and it would have, except they didn’t add AI to it. The enemy either nails you with preternatural skill… or dithers (even when right next to you). Worse it takes a long time to make it’s idiotic decisions.

Hmmm, a 3D version. I’m putting Worms in with Tetris and Ms. Pac Man as games that don’t need gussying up. What will 3D add?

Puffy trees.

Just look at that map. Nothing spectacular by today’s standards, but when I look at it I just know I have to go there and blow up some worms. Especially that little bastard just up and left of center. That guy has to go.

Aiming in 2D Worms is an artform that seperates the men from the annelids. Adding a whole new dimension? Well now, let’s not get crazy there Team 6! It better add more to the gameplay than just a bullet point, is all I’m saying.

Yeah, I wonder how it’ll work in 3D. So much of the original’s charm seemed to come from the 2D aspect. Those screenshots definitely do make me want to try it out, regardless. I do wish they’d gone the cel-shading route, though.

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