Worms XBLive

It’s great. If you havent considered it, give it a shot. Graphics rock, all the humor is there (tho I didnt catch any cinematics), the sound is dead on, and the switch from mouse and keyboard takes a few minutes but soon enough you will be rope swinging like a madman again!

Worms? Never heard of it

It’s like a better version of the old DOS shareware classic Scorched Earth, or the older QBasic bundled gorillas game.

Incidentally, here’s a Java applet Scorched Earth.

Official Worms site.

He may have actually heard of it and is pointing out there are a few other threads about it.

I scrolled through 2 pages yesterday (launch day!) and didnt see any. Today all 4 are bumped. Sosumi.

Tom is going to ban discussion of Worms because of this!