Wormwood - Netflix, Errol Morris, LSD, and the CIA


A little something different from Errol Morris. A six part series about the mysterious death of Frank Olson, an Army scientist who may have been working with the CIA on MKUltra. The recreations are being done with Peter Sarsgaard as Olson and recognizable actors like Tim Blake Nelson, Jack O’connell, and Molly Parker.


Errol Morris is my favourite documentary maker and this looks fantastic.


Couldn’t agree more. Nice find!


I’m a big Errol Morris fan as well, but so far this really isn’t working for me. It feels like he’s got a story to tell, but this feels like there’s maybe 2-3 hours worth of story being stretched with a lot of filler into an episodic series format.


I’ve only watched the first episode, and so far it’s typical Morris, which is just fine with me. Surprisingly, my wife, who isn’t a fan of documentaries, is enjoying it as well.


It’s typical Morris…except when it isn’t. One of Morris’s great gifts as a documentarian is his ability to be concise and find the essence of his subject matter. Here, I think he’s found that essence…but then realizes “oh, I’ve got to vamp to fill this time” so things start to lose focus and take on some of the negative aspects of episodic presentation.