Worse than Cleve Blakemore? Judges needed!

First, familiarize yourself with Cleve’s fine body of work. I recommend starting your browser on page 7/10, which is prior to his moderator warning, but after he’s gotten fully revved up. Almost all the overt racism disappears after a certain magical date.

Now, the poll. The original impetus for the poll was this thread, and this thread. My belated response, three weeks later, was this poll. As pointed out in a couple recent threads, Murph doesn’t post much here any more. I know it would be awfully romantic, in a hallmark moment sort of way, to think that I had anything to do with that-- but the reality is that Murph suplexed himself into a self-ban purgatory with his weird stalker thread. Thread two of two on the same topic, technically.

Tom and Mark have already weighed in that the Murph poll is quote, “worse than anything Cleve has posted.” Which is weird to me, since I was trying to make a Kaufman-esque point. But who cares what I think? Let the audience judge!

I know I’m violating the Cathcart Rule™ by replying to myself, but I somehow jacked up the poll in correcting the Cleve back post URL. :x Either “yes”, “yes”, “no”, or "no. Ugh.

I banned myself from these forums but Cathy pulled me back in to check something out and this caught my eye.

I DO NOT get why Tom and Mark love Cleve so much, I just don’t get it. Lemme show you what I’ve seen:

Huffman and Derek: ‘Stupid shit stupid shit stupid shit blahblahblah’
Tom: ‘I ban ju!!!1’

Cleve: ‘Niggers all go to hell for the crime of being niggerly, they are animals with no soul, I’ll type this stuff for pages in thread after thread after thread.’
Tom and Mark: ‘Here’s your own forum!!!’

Wumpus and Chet and pretty much everyone else: ‘Why the fuck isn’t this idiot banned???’
Mark: ‘I lock ju thread!!!1’

I simply DO NOT get this, I don’t. Anyone seen Tom and Mark driving around in brand new cars or what?? I’d LOVE an explanation for why they love this guy so much.

There was some kind of offline discussion/warning with Cleve, what was discussed I don’t know. However, it is not fair to say that M&T haven’t done anything about Cleve.

Why he’s still posting here after his dramatic exit post, that’s what I want to know.

Not getting enough attention, are we wumpy?

Cookie, I think it’s because Cleve got the point and shut up.

Huffman and Derek never did. Derek continued to be easily aggravated, and even though I have nothing against him, he really seemed to expect that everyone would just excuse his behavior but not Huffman’s. I don’t understand why Derek thought that he wasn’t subject to the same rules as everyone else.

But I agree that banning Derek and the other third party that was involved was excessive. Before Huffman came around, Derek was quite alright.

I only dredged it up at all because others brought it up first.

Who brought it up?

Your self-replying self doesn’t count - you do know that, yes?

Why did you ban yourself? That’s crazy talk!


That’s a tough call. Your jab was personally directed at one person who was having problems of a personal nature and decided this forum was a good place for support. Cleve attacked several entire races, but did not single a forum member out from said races for ridicule.

I saw many who felt deeply offended by Cleve, but no one who admitted to being in the groups attacked and so not a direct target of fake Kleve’s fake hatred. Murph was, obviously, here to take it and possibly be hurt by your…um…insensitivity to his situation.

Looks like apples and oranges to me, so I am going to abstain. OR should I vote one “yes” and one “no”. Or two of each. No, I will not vote. Maybe I will see what the people want and go with the popular sentiment.

See first post in this thread.

Tom and Mark have already weighed in that the Murph poll is quote, “worse than anything Cleve has posted.”

Mark specifically, though I assume Tom agrees-- not sure on that.

My original point still stands then - are you lacking attention?

Or maybe I’m wrong and people actually care.

I care, because it’s being used as ballast to partially justify my removal.

I care, because trolls like myself, Koontz, Cleve and his personas, are allowed to stay while wumpus is, of course, “worse than all of us.”

If wumpus goes, I go too. Not because I so much care about Mr. Atwood to really leave on principle, but because I’ll be laughing so damn hard that he got banned and not I, Cleve (and his personas), Koontz, et al, that I just won’t be able to settle down to post.

Funny how because I post some on-topic things that my trolling is allowed to stay. I troll, yet I love to chime in legitimately as well. wumpus might be a jerk and an asshole, but he is like I am. We have things to say. Koontz, Cleve, and Huffman don’t/didn’t.

Well, since you put it THAT way…

You insensitive fuck. Kleve is just some hick mouthing off racist obscenities with the barest veneer of civility, while wrapping them up in a faux-intellectual coating. Nobody cared. Oh we got “irritated” and huffed and puffed about how annoying he was, but this was so impersonal it would have been downright amusing if he hadn’t come into every thread (half the times because you brought him up.)

You, on the other hand, took a precise, aimed shot at a completely innocent person for no good reason. You took advantage of a weakness in his life and cut real deep. It’s not like he set himself up for it in a Skinnerian fashion, you just shot him out of the blue.

I Hate To Agree With Wumpus ™, but it’s a webboard. Neither is worse to me, I’m not offended by Cleve or the Murph poll.

And what’s this talk of ballast? Is that for real or are you just paranoid? Why would T&M want to get rid of you? Your posting alone has probably generated enough banner traffic to pay to keep the server running…

This place is like a soap opera sometimes. Can I be the guy that gets amnesia? Please? I want my life back!

It’s not like he set himself up for it in a Skinnerian fashion

Er, yeah, he did. When you air your personal laundry in public, you better be able to laugh at yourself before anyone else can beat you to it. Besides, in a highly ironic and completely serendipitous way, that poll probably brought Murph and MrsMurph even closer than they ever would have ever been. To wit, the subsequent victorious return of MrsMurph! We’ll show you, punk–you know what people say about make-up sex!

I know what M&T think, but I’m more interested in the audience verdict-- so keep those votes rolling in.

Wow, you took me seriously.

I guess Kaufman-esque humor doesn’t work when I do it either.

Strangely, it did not occur to Jakub that being called “cannibal apes” might qualify as something other than “impersonal” to some visitors to the board. Meanwhile, Murph remained unaware of the current revival of his marital woes. He had found the proverbial greener pastures, and there he was busily preparing to start a thread about dog food.

Why would T&M want to get rid of you? Your posting alone has probably generated enough banner traffic to pay to keep the server running…

I’m not saying or even implying that will happen. However, there is a lot of ill will around that particular poll, and my “Yay.” post in the wolfieboy summer thread… which both feed into the whole “you’re being too much of a dick and violating our ‘don’t be a dick’ rule” thing and thus the ominous PUBLIC WARNING. Whatever. I demand a recalibration of the dickometers!

So, to recap:

being a dick to the SuperNegroes: ok.
being a dick to Murph or wolfieboy to prove a point: NOT ok.

Also. Less posting. More voting.

I can’t vote until you add an “I don’t care” option.