Worst 80s movie you'll see all week: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


I have the TMNT RPG book from the 80s. It was pretty cool. We never played it at the lunch DnD club because I was rubbish as a DM.


I was such a TMNT fan back in the 80s I had a custom airbrushed denim jacket made for myself, to live alongside my official TNG airbrushed jacket.

Man I was a nerd.


I wasn’t really familiar with other TMNT media. I’d briefly seen the Saturday morning cartoons sometimes. I didn’t care for them, so I had really low expectations from a movie. But it was actually funny! But humor is very time-specific and person specific. I have no idea if I would find the movie funny now in 2017. But hey, back in 1990 I found it funny! But I didn’t find the Saturday morning cartoons funny back in 1989, so I thought the movie was better in that way.


I bought the first three TMNT comics for my son as a kid. First edition. He lost them. Brat.


You do the 1990 movie and pre-internet adolescent boys an injustice by not mentioning the shoulder massage scene and April’s nipples.


Its an 80s kids movies, I was pretty into it when it came out.
My 5 year old son loves TMNT on Nick now. The recent Mutant Apocalypse, mad max rip off story arc, was pretty fun to watch with him.


How is it people think action figures and movie stars are more muscular now than the 80s? He-Man (even Skeletor the skeleton was ripped)? Dolph Lundgren? Carl Weathers? Stallone? SCHARZENEGGER?


Upthread, and in the review, they were talking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being more muscular in the new movies compared to the movies in the 80s. Not people. Turtles. CGI turtles in the new movies are more muscular than the costume wearing turtles in the 80s movie.


Have you seen The Rock lately? I think his arms are about a foot wide. Schwarzenegger was never quite that ripped, I don’t think.

But yeah, mostly it was 90s Turtles versus Bay Turtles.


I don’t remember the 80’s/90’s movies but as you saw in the Michael Bay movies (haven’t seen them) their personalities are very different. Leonardo is a “way of the samurai” responsible leader sort, Michelangelo is is a surfer dude, Raphael is a sarcastic snark (though in some versions he is a grousing tough guy) and Donatello is the nerd/genius. Looks wise they are pretty identical (they are turtles after all) but personality-wise they are very different. Their voices are also distinguished from each other.

I suppose growing up on the cartoons makes it easier to tell them apart but they really are quite different.