Worst ad ever in PC gamer

Those who have this months Star Wars galaxies issue, wtf **** were they thinking with that Bawls caffeine drink ad with the sleeping fat chick?-made me shoot coffee out of my nose.

I saw that one also and didn’t get the point or the humor.


It. was. horrid.

Tacky. Insensitive. Rude.

I wonder how many chubby ad folks put that one together?

Ugh. I know that woman in the ad got paid for the use of her photo, but I can’t help feeling bad for her. “Ha ha, aren’t fat chicks ugly? Buy our beverage!” is a pretty obnoxious positioning statement.

I have not seen it, but it sounds really ‘in your face!!!’. Being of the MTV, worthless generation, I must already want to buy it.

Same here. I hope no one she knows reads that mag.

“Because FAT people are FUNNY!”,
my friend Catherine, yelling in a crowded
movie theatre, after seeing a trailer for
“Shallow Hal”.

It would have been even funnier if Catherine and Sinner 3001 hooked up outside the theater afterwards. You know, Steve Bauman style. Damn he’s smooth!

I was curious about the ad, but didn’t want to bother finding a copy of the mag (because I need my beauty sleep), so I did a web search. Found this pic:

Also found a thread on the official Bawls message board full of people complaining about the ad.

Doesn’t really surprise me, as it fits with the target audience: macho gamer geeks who think that they are going to bag chicks with implants with their mad l33t Quake skills. Worked for Romero!

Are you speaking English?

I really wish Bauman would stop posting anonymously.

This ad is probably one where the editorial guys at PC Gamer are glad to be able to say that sales and editorial have nothing to do with each other.


The picture on this thread is mine, by the way. That’s me holding the ad. I’d taken a picture of it to post it in my weblog (http://glass.travisasha.com/sashblog.html) on December 12th along with a snippet of protest about the ad. Funny what one can ‘find’ on Google.