Worst Halo 3 betrayal ever?


Auto-aim gone wrong?


Who knows?

Off the grenade?

Thats what it looked like to me.

i’m thinking lag

Me too, he probably fired while he jumped in front of him, and it didn’t register because he was lagging, until he had jumped and was behind the guy.

how well modeled is the grenade’s position in halo 3? i thought it bounced off that but the image showed it was below the sniper gun barrel.

I’m leaning towards lag shot too, though I know some funky thigns can be done with nades.

Yeah I saw a sweet vid where it looked like a guy caught a spiky nade and threw it back. when slowed down you saw that one player threw a spiky nade just before another did… and the first grenade actually stuck to the one in the second player’s hand just before he threw it, so both grenades flew back at the first player and killed him.

Probably just lag. I’ve seen similar things in my own theatre films and most of them are easily explained by lag. The authoritative server didn’t see him jump backward before it saw the sniper shoot the shot, even though they happened in reverse order locally. Once everything syncs up you get a weird looking event, but nothing that suggests hacks or a real glitch to worry about.

A mixture of lag and client side prediction.

Yeah, lag + client side prediction seems to be the most likely explanation. Seems obvious in retrospect.

You know this guy is just begging for Recon Armor. (Which I have!)

Really? How did you get it, if you don’t mind me asking.

Nice little parting gift from Bungie when I visited last year.

This one is far more awesome. A truly epic betrayal. The reveal never fails to crack me up… it’s just perfect.

all the more reason every game should have replays, the craziest things happen every now and then. I’ve never seen a warthog go that high on the wheel before

Man, I was almost in tears on the Warthog death. Brilliant.

It isn’t just the height. It’s the trajectory, and hitting a moving target.

They couldn’t have planned that more perfectly.

Totally agreed, CoD4 with a slightly improved Halo3 replay system would be spectacular. I say slightly improved just because I think it would be better if the right trigger slowly advanced you through the footage (as it does) and the left trigger slowly did rewind… instead of the way it is now.

I’m amongst those to diss Halo 3 for being an overly hyped game yet not one to truely advance the genre…
I have to put my hat down, a game which engine allows this kind of random (presuming it WAS un-planned) realistic physics shit to happen is truely awesome.