Worst journalism of the year award

And it’s not even in a gaming publication. A story with no source no attributed quotes and no conclusion. It even links to wikipedia. I’m surprised the writer even put his name on it:


Terrible obscurity is aplenty. Shouldn’t the award go to someone who is considered to have some clout or venerability?

Somebody left a copy of the “National Examiner” on the table at work with the big cover story about which celebs were gay. As if anyone doesn’t know that Neil Patrick Harris is gay at this point. Anyway, inside was a section on Tom Hanks, with the only attributable evidence provided coming from “an anonymous message board poster.” Then I remembered with such magazines are such a joke. :-)

I have a front page from the News Extra tabloid that I had mounted and laminated because the headline had every element of tabloid journalism rolled into it.

Shaken star tells pal: They tried to make me pregnant!

Doesn’t it need to be actual journalism to warrant that reward?
There’s a lot to pick from without going to blawgs and dubious websites.

Did it have Batboy? If not, you’re one brilliant article shy.