Worst 'Movie' I saw: Dynasty Warrior

I just saw this on Netflix Canada. This is one of the worst thing I ever saw. It’s not so bad it’s good. It’s just bad.

There is so much exposition. I mean there is one scene (Cao Cao leaving Wang Yun’s house) where it was cut away without any. Then 30 minutes later Carina Lau’s dialogue tree decided to tell us what happen after the scene I mentioned while doing a flashback.

Then there are the characters; which normal movies usually have. This have none. Absolutely none. There are people in this movie and they do stuff but that’s about it. There are also no complete storyline in this movie. There are a beginning of a storyline (I think), maybe some climaxes but nothing get resolved.

Then there’s the ‘acting’. I mean Louis Koo is a dreadful actor and he does use both of his emotions he normally displays in most movies in here in this one. Kai Wang who plays Cao Cao is also terrible. The people who can actually acts like Ray Lui actually don’t get to do anything.

On the brightside, all the above means that make this movie is the most faithful videogame to movie adaptation ever.

Not really. Dynasty Warriors 8 has pretty great storytelling, there’s some significant character development, and it knows how to make you grow attached to certain characters to the point that I’d get misty eyes in certain parts. It’s actually pretty good.

Too bad about the movie, though. I was hoping (against hope) that it would be good. ;)

Ack, there’s no saving grace for this movie then.

The Lu Bu / Diao Chan dynamic is only 5 seconds in this movie. It’s also one of the worst things I ever watched. If possible, everyone would watch the movie just for that scene.

Please god let them make a sequel movie titled “Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends”.

I laughed.

But true.

OMG haha.

Did anyone else watch this movie? Watch it instead of Tomorrow Wars! This is the more terrible movie I swear!

I never heard of it, but I hope this movie is Japanese. That’d be the cherry on top.

This movie is terrible, and my wife and I (she is my long-time DW couch co-op partner) enjoyed it very much.

It’s a SEA collaboration. There’s various dubbing taking place between actors. Some of it is pretty bad as you may guess lol.

My wife doesn’t play DW or did she read ROTK. So she was thoroughly confused. Was the part when Lu Bu fell in love with Diao Chan your favorite part? Because it was mine.

Truly a nuanced depiction of human connection. That poor actress.

The only part that I didn’t enjoy was the subtitles, which Netflix should be ashamed of. Not because they’re clunky (they are), but because there are so many straight-up errors. At one point, the subtitles label Cao Cao as Liu Bei, which is DW cardinal sin. In another spot, “got here” is “go there”. Either Netflix didn’t bother watching the movie before they uploaded it for streaming, or they decided not to spend the trivial money needed to edit the subtitles.

So… banking on the massive cultural cachet that is RoTK and make a good buck while doing the absolute bare minimum? Netflix completely understood the business model of Dynasty Warriors!