Worst Sequel Ever and why?

What was the worst game sequel so far? Was it Ultima IX? Tomb Raider 2 and up? Might and Magic IX? HOMM4?

I’ll put my money down on MOO3. (Also known as: Spreadsheet in Space.)
It sucked all the life and personality out of the first two and left us with beans to count.

Interstate 82. I’d say why but it is painful to think of.

Battlezone II.

Star Control 3.

Windows Me

Another vote for Interstate '82, though the Nitro Pack was no hot shakes either.

Quest for Glory 2. Pointless maze, mapped in the manual, plus a palette consisting mainly of yellow and khaki? I kill you filthy. I kill you good.

Interstate 82 took something beautiful and made it a cancer on my computer (actually my mom’s computer).

Another vote for Interstate '82. They took a beautiful idea and totally shat upon it. Then they pissed on it and lit it on fire for good measure. Damn Activision.

Whoa, totally disagree there. Had a lot of fun with BZ2.

SimCity 3 and 4

Quest for Glory V. Ok, maybe it’s not the worst sequel ever but it was very disappointing. Why did they have to include all of that ancient Greece stuff? I realize that the other games had themes as well, but at least they had original locations and monsters. Quest for Glory V ripped them right out of the myths. But at the same time some of the characters from the previous games appeared, so it was a strange mixture.

The sequels to Dungeon Master:

Chaos Strikes Back (ST, Amiga)
Dungeon Master II (PC)

were both dreadful compared to the original.

Oh this is a toughie. Interstate 82 was a horrible piece of trash however I’m not sure that it comes near to the horror of the likes of Kings Quest 8, Fountain of Dreams, and Frontier: Elite2,

Samurai Shodown III. Devil May Cry 2 also seems like it should be in this thread. Capcom did the unthinkable and created a successful, original franchise out of thin air with DMC, and then ran it into the ground with the second game.

Not really agree with Frontier neither with Sim City 3&4, but only can speak for me.

DMC 2 would be in my list. It was a deep fall from the first one.

I didn´t like Super Mario Bros 2 (know there are people that loved it, but for me was a big let down compared with Super Mario Bros).

Final Fantasy VIII.

And Syndicate 2 would be another. The first one is one of my most beloved games ever, but I couldn´t get into 2, no matter how many hours spent on the first one, or how hyped I was with the sequel. It was the worst dissapointment for me (and I don´t say the game was bad, only that couldn´t get into and that put me down).

The Simcities after 2000… or Dark Reign 2. Fun game, but nothing new.

Age of Sail 2, The original was quite good, the career campaign was useless, but it did a fairly good job of simulating historical battles, the sequel, I (and many others) couldn’t even get to work. Of course John Tiller who did most of the work on the original had left Talonsoft by then and they got some outside developers to work on it.

Privateer II: The Suckening.

I was so prepared for a glorious followup to one of my fave Elite clones set in a universe that I still maintain was the coolest ever to come out of PC gaming. Yes, Origin, truly you made worlds.

Then I booted this “sequel” up. It slapped me in the face. Kicked me in the junk. Shaved my dog.

Then it fucked my mom :(

If anything Sam III had some wildly pretty backdrops and introduced the Slash/Bust renditions to each character, a great concept that really shined in Sam IV. Otherwise yea the game sucked, especially in popularized console port form.

DMC2 gets my vote as well. King’s Quest 7 was the beginning of the end for that series, Silpheed on PS2 was a really bland sequel to an above average bulletdodger.

I’m shocked at the number of I’82 votes, especially when Tiberian Sun, MOO3, and some latter Ultima games are ready for resurrection through insult. Must be a lot of Luxoflux fans here…