"Worst sequels ever" thread

Credit to Desslock for asking the question.

Civ3 disappointed me, but it at least tried some new things. I’ll be back with a worse sequel as soon as I think of one.

Edit: Desslock’s vote went to Ultima 8.

Master of Orion III.
Warlords IV.

SSX: On Tour is my current big letdown

but it’s probably not the “worst”

I’m going to give a nod to the DAoC Trials of Atlantis expansion because most MMOs don’t have official sequels.

I’m sure it was fun for the people who went down there and did the MLs and got the artifacts, but as a player without an established guild trying to compete in PvP vs. guys with glowy weapons, it was awful. I liked the first expansion though.

Command & Conquer: Renegade seemed like a great idea to me. I’d only discovered the C&C series with a copy of Red Alert 2 (which was a lot of fun single player), but Renegades didn’t entertain me for more than a day.

Right now all I can think of is Jak 2.

Master of Orion III, by a longshot
Star Control 3 isn’t too far off though

Civ 3, Jack The Nipper II, Konami '88, Return of the Jedi arcade (Raster? INCONCEIVABLE!), Street Fighter 2 turbo zero alpha whiskey tango foxtrot, and the bland sequel to the arcade game Gladiator. Gladiator had a great combat system, never seen the like since. Vo! Vo! Ai!

How about Homeworld 2. Good pedigree and nice graphics, but the game was a puzzle to figure out what the designers had as the solution to the battle instead of actually being a powerful fleet commander.

I enjoyed Homeworld 2 at first, because I seem to have a degree of natural ability at puzzle mission games. But what a wasted opportunity. I really wanted, basically, Total War in space (and still want it), with the tactical skirmishes arising from a strategy map.

The plot was pretty grim, but OK. The most heinous crime was the replacement of the original’s quiet, aching silence and effortless ability to express immensity through careful, measured exposition. Homeworld basically used the same trick that the Ico/SoTC guy uses, design by subtraction.

Great music, though, especially on the final mission. Tick tock, tick tock. I do love Homeworld. There is something quite perfectly distilled about Homeworlds’ little touches, the geometry, the mysticism, the dreadful hum of beam weapons. I may have to go back and play it through again now.

Trials of Atlantis. How bad is it when so many of your customers want you to dump two years of your labour? OMG U SAY U WANT QUEST NOW U QUIT WTF!?!

Stronghold 2. The latest from the Department of Overreach.

Master of Orion III. Just before it was released some company wag said "It’s so full of stats and things: accountants are going to love it!. >.<

Another vote for MOO3 and a reluctant vote for Thief:DS. It wasn’t a bad game, but didn’t hold up compared to the previous two – mostly because of the technology limitations rather than designer effort.

Nah, it was pretty much a bad game.

Contract J.A.C.K.

Homeworld 2 was the one and only game that ever annoyed me so much that halfway through the game, I took the CD out of the drive, tried to make myself calm down, failed, and stomped it into a thousand little pieces. If I ever meet the designer responsible for that thing I’m going to punch him in the nose.

I was lucky enough to hear a lot about how bad Star Control 3 was, and to delay playing it for a while, so when I finally did play it I took it more as a bad fanfic that didn’t “really happen”. It’s mildly entertaining, but an insult to even mention it in the same breath as 2.

Star Control 3.

I’ll put in another vote for MOO III. Highly anticipated, and just simply failed to deliver the goods.

I was disappointed by Civ 3 but considering how much I played it, I don’t think it could qualify as a “worst sequel”.

I’m not sure about Privateer 2. I never got it run without frequent crashes and just gave up on it.

I’m so glad I only have Star control 2, anyway:

Stronghold2, Deus Ex 2, Devil May Cry 2, semi disapointed with Age of Empires 3.

Star Control 1 is alright too – definitely better than 3…

HoMM IV. I loved III so much and this was ultimately such a letdown.

Dude, Privateer 2 had Clive Owen playing you as the main character, Lev Arris. That alone makes the game not the worst sequel.