Worst Thing Ever

No, not a WhittaLink ™

I just saw a TV ad for some kind of new Kraft crumbly processed cheese, complete with a new version of EMF’s “Unbelievable”, redone to announce this new product as “Crumbelievable.”

It just made me wonder if the session singer who had to perform that line goes home at the end of the day feeling happy to be working, or wanting to kill himself for having to sing such shit.

Just thinking of that word makes me feel ill.

Whoa! What the fuck!

Oh crap, I don’t think I’ll be able to remove that loop from my head now. What the hell can I listen to in order to fix it?

No shit. I can’t stand the original version of that song to begin with.

Anything from The Backyardigans, Higglytown Heros, or the Doodlebops. But trust me, you don’t want to take such drastic steps.

Questing questing questing
Never resting
Questing questing questing questing
To the rock, to the rock…

It makes me wonder if the jingle writer who penned it has been rightfully marked for death.

Could one of those influential Muslim scholars we all keep hearing so much about take a little time out of his busy day to issue the appropriate fatwas? Thanks in advance, guys.

No shit. I can’t stand the original version of that song to begin with.[/quote]

That would pretty much be the one song that doesn’t need more cowbell.


Well, on the flipside, it’d be easy enough to get Dice to redub his Ford Fairlane samples.

At least I know that someone else out there shares my pain. My little girl watches those shows every day. Sometimes it’s all I can do not to run screaming out of the house.

I’ve often wondered the same about the people who sing the theme songs to children’s shows. Who are these people and how do they get that into the Bionic Six theme?

BadgerbadgerbadgerbagderMUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!

Okay, I feel better.