Worst thing you'll see all election year: Irresistible

You’d think Jon Stewart would know better.

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It’s Jon Stewart, FWIW.

I read similar negative reviews elsewhere. Disappointing that this came from Jon Stewart.

Nice review for a movie I was hoping to enjoy watching, but will now will only have this review to comofort me.

Since @Mercanis hasn’t got around to reading it yet, I’ll throw out one quick edit. That’s the title “card” in the second sentence of the second paragraph.

Mentions Michael Ritchie’s The Candidate - any relation to Guy Ritchie?

So, at 19.99, at least it is an expensive movie to watch. It has that going for it.

Don’t think so. Michael Ritchie was an American-born director (from Wisconsin) who in addition to The Candidate made a bunch of great sports-ish movies – the original Bad News Bears, Semi-Tough, Downhill Racer, the underrated Diggstown – and some other pretty decent movies throughout his career (the original "Fletch, which was funny and eminently quotable, and the awful Fletch Lives).

Michael Ritchie directed one of my favorite “lost” movies of the early 1980s: “The Survivors”, with Robin Williams and Walter Matthau.

thanks for the review, Tom - miss reading what you write more often! Even if it’s a negative review, and perhaps especially if it is as you seem to see/say things that other reviewers don’t.

Diggstown and Fletch are two more locks for our “channel surfing/reruns” streaming service we haven’t invented yet.

That’s a great idea actually.

That’s how I caught Fletch originally in the mid-90s. It happened to be on TV.

Having finally watched this, I kinda liked it, but I can totally see why Tom didn’t.