Worst thing you'll see all week: Phantoms

Title Worst thing you'll see all week: Phantoms
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie reviews
When December 4, 2012

Phantoms is forty five minutes of made-for-TV-level haunted house horror, and then forty-five minutes of scientificky sci-fi hoo-ha with soldiers and the dog from The Thing, but an adorable golden lab instead of an inscrutable husky..

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affleck was the bomb in phantoms

Watch The Wire, man. You don't owe it to yourself. You owe it to *me*.

I thought it was okay in the first half hour or so where you didn't know what had happened to the town. Spoilers, Tom >=(

But then at the end you get to see O'Toole and Afleck act face to face, a clash of titans rivaled only by DeNiro and Pacino in Heat.

The novel is way better than the movie, which is more of a guilty b-movie pleasure. Not at all saying that's a bad thing.

I'm normally very careful about spoilers, but I feel that Phantoms is fair game for two reasons: 1) it's over ten years old, and 2) it's really really bad.

Word, *&^%$, Phantoms like a &^*^%$#.

It bewilders me that Joe Chapelle can be responsible for The Wire, yet also this movie as well as Halloween (6): The Curse of Michael Myers.

I read that book and thought it was AWESOME. ...but that was in 1983. I was 14. Even then, I thought the second half, post-reveal, got pretty lame. I never bothered with the movie, as it appeared to be as Tom described.

Bah now I want to watch Phantoms again.

affleck was totally the bomb in phantoms, yo