Worst thing you'll see in 42 years: The Car: Road to Revenge


...for a very brief moment, I didn’t hate The Car: Road to Revenge.

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I saw Ronny Cox do a performance of some bluegrass songs he had written, sang and played the guitar. Dude is a renaissance man.


I had to post this because d3 didn’t.


Dammit! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.


I haven’t been this excited for a sequel since Road House 2!


While obviously not good movies, I quite enjoyed the post-Stathem Death Races. Guilty pleasure fun I put on every once in awhile.


What if I want to watch something more dumb and offensively cheap, huh? This sounds awesomely bad.


Killdozer. Duh.

The cool thing about Monolith – at least that’s what I tell myself for having watched the whole thing – is how Katrina Bowden resolves the situation.