Worth buying a used Gamecube just for Fire Emblem?

Everything I’ve heard about Path of Radiance tells me I want to play this. So, should I pull the trigger?

Well, I’ve never played path of radiance but I think a gamecube is worth it just based on the low low price. When looking ahead to $400-$500 consoles in the next gen, a $99 console is really attractive by comparison. Gamecubes are great for having a few friends over and playing some silly fun 4 player game. Pretty much all the Mario sports titles are great for this purpose.

Not to mention Metroid Prime 1 & 2.

mario golf is the bestest

Much to my surprise lately I’ve been playing a lot of Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and Metroid Prime 2. It’s almost like the Gamecube still exists as a system!

To answer the original poster though… If you are a huge Fire Emblem fan of the GBA games, I’d say it is worth it. It’s the best Fire Emblem game so far, at least to me (though I’ve never all the way finished the GBA FE games). If you’ve never played FE, you’d save yourself a lot of money by checking out the GBA ones first.

Fire Emblem was a blast, just like the other games in the series. I was motivated to play through it when it released and other games I’ve gotten then just don’t have the same kind of draw.

If you have a game crazy in your area they have a standard deal where any new console purchase comes with 12 free game rentals.

If you bought a gamecube for $49 you could rent the fire emblem game, if you play a lot and rented it twice you could probably finish it. If you wanted to try the other game cube games people are recomending and if you like it you could buy, if the gamecube sucks and you’re sick of it after playing fire emblem you could just sell it back for $25 of store credit and get a PS2 RPG. All in all you could play through fire emblem and try 10 other games for $50 and get another game you wanted anyway for free.


It’s better than the other Fire Emblems, but on it’s own I wouldn’t say it’s worth shelling out $100 for another console, plus some more for extra controls and memory sticks, etc.

Are there other Game Cube games you want? Like the upcoming Zelda for instance? If so, I’d say it’s a good deal.

Is it really better than the other Fire Emblems? Everything I’ve read makes it sound like it’s…not.

I haven’t read any reviews, but IMHO it’s much better, although I’ve only played the English versions and so can’t comment on earlier Japenese only versions.

Experience, Support, and Item management are less fiddly. The plot is more interesting. The skills are a nice twist. Obviously it looks better (although the full-on duel animations take too long). The interface is easier to use. The only downside I can see is that it’s easier (I wish they’d not dropped the difficulty from the Japanese version).

What have you heard people complaining about?

Is it really easier? I’ve played through all three US releases and it didn’t seem easier to me. I think for a stretch there, it was easier though. The easiest one has to be SS, what with the Tower.

Thanks for the follow up. The cheapest used Cube I’ve found around here in VA was $59.99 at Gamecrazy. There are a few other games I want to play… on the other hand, I’ve got Dragon Quest VIII coming in next week for PS2 so that might be it for a few weeks…

I’ve only played a few hours into it – so far, not as good as Fire Emblem on the GBA. The animations take longer to play out, which is boring, and overall I think the improved graphics don’t add much to the game…