Would 2x 22in screen be better compared to 1x 27in?

The 4K displays make the icons and UI seem really, really small. So I discounted them immediately.

So I think I’ll stick with 1080p as the resolution is what I’m used to at the moment, although that may change when the screen size changes.

In Windows 7 you can increase the size of fonts and icons to 125% and 150% of normal. This is what I do.

But I only have a 1080p monitor. For a larger monitor, you may have to search for a tool that will increase them beyond 150%. I dunno.

I would also suggest running Windows in 2k and games in 4k, but video card drivers still insist on adding smoothing when you do this, which looks like crap. (E.g. you can’t do integer scaling without artifacts, at least on nVidia cards.)

I’m mainly on MacOSX and work with texts and code much more than gaming,

I find the irony in adding a higher resolution is that we have to increase the size of the fonts and UI elements to make it usable. Thus, if the screen res goes up but the size stays the same, I dont feel like there is any space increase at all. Yes things are sharper but productivity wise, it dont add much.

I remember reading a university research finding that having dual screens lets people complete the same tasks 40% faster. That is huge.

I got the WQHD one that costs about as much if bought in the US. Lock those prices in before Trump’s tariffs (elsewhere there could be dumping and discounts if they actually pass through).


Wow! Curved!

The curving is very slight. While visible from the top or side, when in front of it you don’t really notice it. Perhaps that’s the point?

I think curves are sexy.

How many small holes are you planning to drill in it/them? It could make a difference…

I’ll just use the holes they came with =). I’m not @wumpus who massacre his stuff.

Nah, it’s a legendary thread reference

Wow. It’s an insane thread. I didn’t read till the end. What was the purpose? Did anyone find out? Was he trying to place a camera behind the screen?

Edit: I was referring to Wumpus cutting up his graphics card in the other thread.

I think the answer was never discovered. I’m going down the rabbit hole of the most insane poster thread (though it appears as though the poll vanished in the forum change), and it was before my time.

I honestly miss Teddy Rex.

I ended up getting this. Went down to the shop and could not resist the huge screen area.

Welcome to ultra wide. It’s sweet!

I managed to find time get back to the desk and fired it up.

And now I have a problem. The fonts are all too BIG. I’ll need to have different profiles to control the fonts for between Laptop/Small screen mode and this huge gigantic screen mode!

Yes, this is one reason for others to opt for the higher resolution at that size. More costly but worth it if you have the gfx card to support it.

I use Intellij for most work. So I think I’ll be able to get the profile going.

I think the 29inch model may hit the sweet spot in terms of keeping the font sizing the same. But 34inch is awesome.

It took 24 posts before anyone mentioned holes???

Yes, but I am coveting for 1440 now haha.