Would I be able to hook up a replacement dishwasher?

My current one doesn’t actually clean dishes anymore. I literally have to scrub my dishes before I put them in and even then it still doesn’t clean. Made the tough decision I need to replace it but the cost is killing me. To try and save money I’d like to try to do the installation myself. Is this a hard thing to do with a lot of hazards or ways to make terrible mistakes? I know some basic plumbing. I’m hoping since I already have a dishwasher I would just disconnect some stuff and reconstruct the new one? Any of you done this?


If you already have a dishwasher, it’s pretty easy: there’s a drain line, a water line, and an electrical cord. The hard part is removing the dishwasher from where it’s currently mounted. Sometimes they’re built-in and you need to break apart cabinet structure to get them out. I’d recommend trying to pull your old dishwasher out and make sure you know where the water, drain, and electrical go. You might need some basic plumbing supplies like screw clamps, mating sleeves, and gaskets, but that stuff is cheap and easy to obtain via Amazon. Also consider what you’re going to do with the old unit. Disposal might be a pain.

I would bet money there is a YouTube video on this.

I think you could do it. If you posted the models here we could probably confirm the hookups are the same (we had to change the hookup type once. Not difficult, but a little unhappy surprise.)

My current is a 15 year old Maytag:
Model No. MDB4010AWB
Serial No. 16146830UK

The one I’d like to get because it keeps getting ranked as best dishwasher under $1,000 is:
Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N

Nice. I think it should be okay. Worst case you would just need one of those dishwasher installation bags of hoses and adapters (or just the adapter.)

Yeah, agree with @cornchip. It looks like it’s all compatible. Make sure you save the elbow connection at the bottom of your current dishwasher so you can reuse it. You’ll probably need teflon tape to make the watertight connections.

I’ve done tons of dishwasher stuff (just last week I replaced the drain pump in mine) and the hardest thing for me is always getting it back in and level. Pulling it out isn’t so bad, connecting 3 wires is no big deal, tightening a couple pipes is meh. But laying on your back while you turn tiny feet and then holding down insulation while you slowly slide the dishwasher in a hole which is almost always too small, that is a pain in the ass.

In before “that’s what she said”.

I mean, make sure you turn off the breaker first so you don’t kill yourself, obviously.

Yeah, trying to keep the batting from bunching up as you slide the dishwasher in suuucccks.

I’ve done it three times and I know nothing about plumbing, electrical, or dishwasher installation. You’ll just need to be on the floor for 30 min or so, most likely. Anyhow, give it a shot and if you can’t get it done, then ask @ineffablebob to come help :p

Wonderful thanks!

I have a Bosch dishwasher, and it is fantastic. The drain hose, though, is definitely proprietary, which won’t be an issue with the new one. If you have to replace it, like I did when the mice ate holes in the damn thing, it can be problematic because if your model is anything like mine you have to do a fair amount of disassembly to get to where the hose hooks up to the machine. I paid a local appliance guy to do it after seeing that I would just be frustrated beyond belief trying it myself.

Installation, though, should not be horrible. And the machine is so quiet. You will be amazed.

I don’t care about a noisy dishwasher. In fact I find it kind of comforting. It what I really need was a dishwasher where I could put junky things in and not have to worry about rinsing or scrubbing before I drop them in the dishwasher. Does the model you have fit this need well? Was I one of them that is under $1,000?

Compared to your Maytag, the newer ones might go slower. They’ve lengthened the cycles to partially compensate for the reduced water and (I think) spray pressure in the name of energy savings.

I need one as well, since the latch on my 5-year old dishwasher is broken. I currently need to lean a chair up against it so that water doesn’t leak out. But, I’m also cheap to spend $1,000 USD on this problem. Is Samsung a good alternative to Bosch?

Ours was like five or six hundred, and it cleans really well. It has a built-in disposal thingy.

My wife did all the research before we got the Bosch, so I’m not 100% sure. I know the Bosch is amazingly good, and as I noted, you can get models for well under a grand. I’d never spend a thousand on a freakin’ dishwasher, unless I was washing, I dunno, Ming vases or something.

My sister had a high end LG dishwasher and refrigerator. Both of them leaked within 2 years and were terrible. So I’m not sure how their Korean sister fairs in this realm, but I’d be slightly wary.

The part would probably cost you less than $50, have you thought about trying to replace it? There are two separate part places I’ve bought from online that also have repair videos, one of them even matched my model and the part exactly.

It doesn’t feel worth it? A lower end dishwasher and when we moved here my wife suggested to replace at some point in the future based on noise / features. Though I agree $50 and a couple of hours time is much better than $1000 if it lasts a few more years.

I have almost the exact Bosch you’re looking at - got it in a Black Friday sale last year, SHEM63W52N. We definitely just throw things in with no scrubbing, and only rinse if there are giant obvious chunks or whatever. Decent chance we don’t even have to do that, but it’s habit. Over the 7-8 months, running it twice a week or so, I think I’ve had something not come out mildly less than 100% squeaky clean maybe twice? We were not big dishwasher users before the last couple of years but I am a total convert now and would have a hard time going back to even our crappy 20-year-old GE.