Would one of you fine pieces of ass mind giving me a CES pass?

(I have candy)

Just do the free registration at cesweb.org.

I like candy, mister, but I’m not getting in your van.

Strangers have the best candy.

From a CES email in my inbox today:

Last Chance to Register for Free

This is your last chance to register online. Register before 8 p.m. EST Friday (December 30) to avoid the $100 on-site registration fee. Please use priority code G180 when registering."

So, if you’re gonna register, best do it quick :) (again, http://www.cesweb.org)

Wait, you have candy? Well, shit man, where’s that van at? LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!

Fear the Group Ass-mind Think!

I’m getting a bike! HAHAHAHAHA!

Speaking of Dane Cook, I sort of look like him. And this:

I’m in the middle.

No, psyche, I’m on the right, looking at you like you just tied a knot in a cherry stem with your mouth, then showed me your tongue ring. Sayyyy there…!