Would you check out Bo's album?

I think it’s fair to say he’s going to be releasing one whether he wins Idol or not this week.*

  • It’ll nevertheless still be a disgrace if he doesn’t win.

I will if they don’t end up with him singing shitty boppy pop crap.

I cringed as I read an article on Bo and whatsername, the other finalist, in today’s local paper. The gist of it was “These two aren’t pop! They’ll never make it!” with a nice boxout of “How we think they should totally abandon their identities and embrace musical prositution” or something, kicking off with “Bo should cut his hair.” Can’t people cope with something other than pop-crap winning?

Carrie isn’t pop?

Bo isn’t pop?

I haven’t followed the show other than seeing Bo perform one time at my friend’s urging. Bo doesn’t seem pop the way someone like Kelly Clarkson is. I’m told Carrie is country, but I’ve never seen her.

I really hope Carrie doesn’t win. Sure, she’s cute, and blank, and probably easily moldable by the producers, but she’s also unabashedly country. Southern rock >>>>>>>>>>> country at all times, and therefore Bo must win.

In four seasons, Bo is the first person I’d actually tune in to watch outside the competition. He’s got his shit down.

Yep. I’d check out his album provided he had some say in what goes on it. One of my fears before the finale was that he’d be forced to sing crappy pop songs against Carrie. That fear was realized last night. Man, those original songs were awful and, unsurprisingly, Carrie did a better job of singing them than Bo.

If he wins, and those songs are on it, I’ll tune out. If he loses, and gets a chance to write and perform material of his choosing (like that Badlands song he sang a week ago), I’m in.

I’d say it’s a toss up after last night. AS fuzzy and others have said, if he can do some decent, original southern/alterna-rock, I would get it. That is something I have not done with previous winners either.

Bo and Carrie will both put out albums, regardless of tonight’s result. Carrie’s album will outsell Bo’s, regardless of tonight’s result.

Fans of Southern/Alterna-Rock do not turn to shows like American Idol to find new artists. Fans of cute female country-pop singers do.

I dunno, if he put out a Hootie/Matchbox 20/Edwin McCain pop rock album (who are at least pseudo-alternative), I think it would do fairly well with the same demographics.

Who’s Bo? Diddley?

Some jerk off on American Idol with long hair. Hailed as the messiah by people who don’t hate music enough I guess.