Would you eat Woolly Mammoth steaks?

I just ate some extremely freezer burned chicken and it reminded me of stories/legends where Russian Inuit’s who used to find full Mammoth’s would carve out chunks, roast over a fire, and eat it.

So here’s a question. If you had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to eat a nice looking (albeit freezer burned), ice-age, woolly mammoth porterhouse… would you?

Would the option to say “I ate Woolly Mammoth” overcome your fear of potential illness?

I vote #4: jpinard is the new TRexDX.

What objections could vegetarians have to an extinct animal that died of natural causes?

No. I’m a pseudo-vegetarian, but my standard reasons for being one wouldn’t really apply in this case - instead I’d be ashamed that I was eating viable mammoth DNA. I’d like to see these guys make a comeback, because woolly mammoths are awesome. I’d also like some glyptodons and giant ground sloths.

Why do you hate evolution? Reintroducing invasive species of megafauna to the world would be an ecological disaster!

But it would be so awesome.

At one time I would have liked to try Bronto Ribs. Unfortunately, paleontological discoveries have revealed inaccuracies in the Flintstones version of prehistory.

Honestly the Flinstones made eating Dino meat look fucking amazing.

I assume you are speaking here of those political type vegetarians who don’t eat meat because of a conscious objection to animal practices. I can’t imagine why a vegetarian who refrains for health or taste reasons would object, as I don’t, though I’m more fishatarian. :P (I just really hate the taste of all kinds of meat except for fish so I don’t eat it. Though the attitudes vegans have make me want to become a cannibal.)

I must admit, I’d be curious as to what Woolly Mammoth tastes like.

It’d be kind of cool if they had KFP in prehistoric times.


#4 for me.

It’d be kind of cool if they had KFP in prehistoric times.

Kentucky Fried Pteranodon?


Most people don’t realize Woolly Mammoths were actually still around after the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza were built


“If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself?”

That’s hardly a mammoth then, is it? It’s more of a wooly medium.

I would absolutely eat it. I hear it tastes like elephant, and not those bland, stringy, circus elephants either–I’m talking about serengeti-raised, grass-fed pachyderm. And shit, I’m such a nice guy that I’ll leave the marrow for you to extract the dna from.

As a side-note: I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be freezer burned. I think that comes from a cycle of freezing and thawing. Assuming these steaks have been encased in ice since death they should be freezer aisle fresh.

Seriously. And Asterix and Obelix made wild boar look way more awesome than it actually is too.

I wouldn’t eat it. Most people don’t know how to prepare wild game. Illness isn’t even a factor.

On the other hand, we could make them fight in a cage. Two mammoths enter. One mammoth leaves.

Improper packaging and subsequent exposure to cold, dry air more than anything else. Temperature fluctuations can exacerbate the problem.

Or make a park full of all these extinct megafauna, isolated from the rest of the world. You could make them all female so they couldn’t reproduce.