Would you eat Woolly Mammoth steaks?

You should write a book with that as the plot. Call it Pleistocene Park.

I’d much rather have velociraptor steak, but hey, you can’t be too picky.

And then we could go in with rifles and extinct them again!


Dude, that place is awesome! thanks for the link.

And then eat them!

I actually thought this thread was asking whether you’d eat genetically re-engineered, re-bred, and then hunted-to-death woolly mammoths…

That’s what I thought too, and it’s much more realistic. Who here would be likely to happen across a mammoth frozen in a glacier? There are none on my way to work, I can tell you. But mammoth steak at the supermarket? Make mine veal!

Upon further thought, I could not in good conscience taste the flesh of the majestic wooly mammoth if The Nuge went hungry. He has obviously been wanting to savor wooly mammoth more than me, and if I had some and he didn’t that would be like giving Jack Nicholson’s Laker tickets to the guy from Johnny got his Gun.


What’s a pseudo-vegetarian?

Do you eat meat or not?

Or, do you eat meat and just feel bad about it afterwards?

So the mammoth was flash frozen like in The Day After Tomorrow?

The only meat he eats is his hand.

I would totally eat wooly mammoth steaks.

Exactly. That accidental knife slip that lands in the bladder would totally kill the deal for me. If I or someone I trusted prepared it, I would be all over Mammoth steaks. They would have to be atleast 32oz steaks too if you wanted to do the animal justice.

And there would definitely be some mammoth brisket smoking away for several days. :)

Edit: I wonder how Wooly Mammoth menudo would taste. I’d definitely give that a go too.

Means he only eats vegetarians.

Means I sometimes eat fish, and I try not to be fussy or tread on any toes or whatever, and I’m happy to pounce on a burger or what have you if it’s just gonna go to waste. I’m pragmatic about it.

So, your not one of those odd Vegan folks.

The ones that won’t even eat Jello because it’s derived from beef connecvtive tissue…I think.(well, Good Eats is showing gelitan(sp*) but I missed where it comes from)

I knew one. She was REALLY strange.

You get gelatin by boiling animal carcasses. It’s pretty clearly a meat based product. Not even vegetarians should be eating Jello. If they do, they’re probably just ignorant of where it comes from.

Isn’t that a dressing issue more than a food preparation issue?

I do recall having several relatives who were pissed because they shot a deer during hunting season, only to later found out they kidney shot it and ruined the meat.

Of course I also have a (true story, for reals y’all) relative who hit a deer with his car, watched the deer go limping away into a nearby field, and figured, “What the hell, I’m driving a beater,” and drove in after it to run it down and kill it with the car for the meat.

More details please! At least let me know what sort of car he was driving. Not a Civic, I’m guessing.

In all honesty, this was back in the late 80s/early 90s, and I have never been interested enough in cars to ever remember who has what or be able to tell what they are by looks. It was rural Wisconsin, so I can guarantee you it was not Japanese. It was one of those box like Fords with the rectangular front grill that would seem absolutely huge today; probably an old beat down Crown Vic or some such.

We’re talking blankets on the seats, and not to add comfort, but to block springs and cover holes. To illustrate, as another true story, my father did drive for many years a car that had rusted through the floor board such that you could see the road in many spots on the passenger side floor board as you were driving along. He was a mechanic, and so his assurances that the entire seat wasn’t going to fall out onto the highway gave me at least some reassurance. Such was my family. Great people, but I made it “out” so to say. Of course, to the remainder of the world, I’m still a yokel.