Would you like to be able to make games go away?

I’m thinking the latest AAA title I have no desire to play is a good start.

Personally, I don’t do handhelds. Or consoles. Or most PC titles, lately. I have been playing online multi PC games, getting lots of replay out of them.

To that end, I would like to propose that all new games be put before me so that I can approve/reject them. Rejected games will not have threads posted about them.

I am sorry if I am showing off my ignorance of things, but…


What are you talking about?

He is trying to be pithy about that WoW poll thread. It isn’t really working though.

– Xaroc

yeah, i embarass myself in public all the time.

I don’t know, I kind of like it.

Though of course that could be the kiss of death.

I’d rather have the ability to suppress really bad games so one else has to risk getting traumatized by them.

sh17 bon3rz.

Someone’s feelings are really hurt over that WoW thread.

Speaking of which, I refuse to vote in any poll that neglects to offer that option.

The only way this thread could give me more of a boner would be posting another pic of fire’s ass.

I already only visit threads that have the

I’ll gladly submit CS:S for approval to the memory eraser machine.

It depends if Stroker likes the same games that I do.

if say, you like games like HOMM, civ, corporate machine, battlefield and you hate console games (except for koei games and harvest moon games) then you may have the power.

while you’re at it, can you ban stupid movies? anything with jim carrey is a good start. ben stiller too. the american pie guy too.

It’s called See Stroker Edit. Go back to old Stroker posts and see how many you can read in a row before you come across one he has nerfed the text for because he called somebody a fag or something.

dude, i just nerfed the ones where i posted my real name. i think. maybe i did revise history, i don’t remember anymore. fag.

Wow where did that come from? I remember making it for qt3 a few years back but I never used imageshack…

Can I take this entirely pertinent and appropriate time to say:

Stroker? I hardly know 'er!


You Stroker, you brought 'er.


I use imageshack cause mama didn’t raise no bandwidth thief

aww, shucks :)