Would you sign up for school if they couldn't spell their own ads right? DAVE Sch

Saw this ad in the back of Sci-Fi Magazine.

How bad must a school be - not even having the capacity to hit “spell-check”?not even be able to hit the spell-check button before blowing thousands of dollars on print ads? Or, to have a QA department than in itself, has apparently barely mastered the English language?

DAVE School: The School That Makes Moves. On your mother!

Yea, not the best publicity.

Obligatory grammar-nazi of the grammar-nazi (grammar Führer?):

In your defence you are not a school. I know this because health and safety would shut down any school with a Frop Bog.

It’s actually very possible that the magazine made the error. That’s why they have editors, after all. Even if the school sent them that version of the ad, you’d have expected it to be caught.

Forget the spelling errors. Dave School? That sounds like a joke.


“Dave School’s not here, man.”

I’d like to attend Joe College and Josh University.

The way it was written at the top of the ad suggested it was an acronym, but elsewhere it’s just ‘Dave’. I think we should spend the rest of our time figuring out the best acronym to save this school from ignominy.

How about:

Design and the Audio/Visual Experience

Or Desiderata of Ample Value for Everybody

How about:

Digital Animation & Visual Effects School at Universal Studios Florida.

Teehee, I am the master of my own irony in that I used horrific grammar and incorrect punctuation. Pathetically I wasn’t going for irony, I was just tired.

It’s like rayeeyaiiiiihain.

Comma splice.

Thread winner.

Theres nothing wrong with youre grammer. What a nerd