WoW 1.10 class changes (patch leak - confirmed)

For those interested, I’m not logging in almost anymore and not going to delve to figure out if these make sense or not:


Intimidating Shout Nerfed!
Flurry BIG nerf! (misses will count against it and it will no longer proc itself)
Sweeping Strikes now all but useless!

  1. Execute - this skill will work with sweeping strikes. if the life of the secondary target is lower than 20%, then all of the damage from execute will be inflicted to the secondary enemy. otherwise, they will be hit with a normal swing attack.

  2. Whirlwind - when used with sweeping strike, it will only use up one charge of sweeping strike, and can only generate one extra attack.

  3. Flurry - all ranks of this talent will now be triggered correctly.

  4. Retaliation - this skill will function correctly as a melee attack.

  5. Intimidating Shout - when it’s resisted by the target, the fear effect does not apply anymore. this skill can now be applied to 5 enemies.

  6. Flurry - The speed improvement will only be applicable for the next 3 swings (note: isn’t that how it works anyway? sorry…don’t have a warrior alt, simply translating this for all the classes)

  7. Sweeping strikes - the damage from extra attacks that are dealt to the nearby enemy will now be determined by the armor of the secondary enemy.


  1. HT mana cost reduced by 9%.

  2. Ferocious bite: cannot be parried, dodged, or resisted?

  3. No cure poison in Moonkin.

  4. Gift of the Wild - increased range

  5. Rip - now a bleed effect.

  6. All shapeshifts can use items!

  7. Soothe animal and Rebirth are now affected by Nature’s swiftness.

  8. You can no longer die from shifting out of bear at low health (MoTW bug).

  9. Pounce no longer causes its DoT if missed or blocked.

  10. No idea.

  11. No more 1 second immunity to roots/snares when shifting?


  1. Multishot - The attack power of this skill has been normalized. All ranged weapons will now use 2.8 as the standard multiplier. Weapons that are slower than 2.8 will see their damages reduced slightly, and weapons that are faster than 2.8 will see their damages increased slightly.

  2. Aimed shot - (Same as above)

  3. Improved Aspect of the Hawk - the duration has been increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds. The speed improvement will not start until the second shot has landed. This was changed to fix a delay problem in the talent.

  4. Hunter’s Mark - (this is where I couldn’t really understand what it said…something about the caster will not be listed under the mob’s “threat list”, and something about a debuff…)

  5. Claw and Bite - pets using these skills will now gain appropriate amounts of threat depending on the rank of the skill. Previously, only rank 7 and 8 were causing the right amount of threat.

  6. Beastial Wrath - will not generate any threat for the caster.

  7. There will be new wild boars showing up in EPL with Rank 6 Charge


  1. Improved Frost Ward - will function normally again.

  2. Improved Fire Ward - will function normally again.

  3. Detect Magic - aggro from caster reduced

  4. Ignite - the fire damage dealt from this skill can only be triggered by mages.

  5. Arcane Brilliance - area/range increased.


  1. Because we have re-ramp the talent trees. All talent potins are refunded. The cost of talent related skills have decrease. AKA free respec.

  2. Decrease cost on all training skills.

  3. Prayer of Fortitude increase range and area effect.

  4. Holy Fire is now a non-talent trainable skill. 1 Rank starts on level 20.

  5. Mind Soothe is now an instant spell.

  6. Shadowform: reduce physical and ranged damage. See talent trees for more info.


  1. Blessing of Light - different ranks are no longer stackable - the ability for this to stack was not intended.

  2. Judgment of Righteousness - accuracy incresed(?) (note: i want to say 100%, but i am not quite sure how it works…i don’t have a pally alt)

  3. Righteous Fury - can now cause appropriate extra threat with all holy damages.

  4. Holy Shock - can now be used with divine favor and illumination

  5. Holy Shield - mana cost reduced by 15%, and +spell items will now affect this spell.

  6. Eye for an Eye - Can be triggered while mounted.

  7. Blessing of Sacrifice - this blessing cannot use to stop the target from dying due to other spell effects (curse of doom, sacrifice, etc).

  8. seal of command - will trigger when the paladin is silenced.

  9. improved seal of righteousness - tooltip updated to reflect actual usage. this talent increases 3-15% damage for both seal of righteousness and judgment of righteousness

  10. Lay on hands - range increased.

  11. Divine Intervention - range increased.

  12. Holy Shield - tooltip updated to reflect extra damage done.

  13. all improved blessings have their ranges increased.

  14. holy shock - mana cost reduced.

  15. monsters that are immune to scorpid sting will now be immune to vindication as well


  1. Slice and Dice: If you attempt to use this skill when your target is dead, you will get an error message. This skill cannot be dodged, parried or missed.

  2. Sap: When sap is resisted, Lightning Shield will not break stealth.

  3. Remorseless Attacks: This talent will not trigger when you kill a monster that does not yield experience, or a player that does not yield honor points.

  4. Distract: this skill will no longer trigger Lightning Shield from Shamans.

  5. Blade Flurry: The damages of the extra attacks will now be determined by the armor rating of the secondary target.

  6. Blind: this is now not considered a melee attack, and cannot be parried or dodged


  1. Lightning shield - (something about campfire and other environment damaging types not absorbing the effects from lightning shield…sorry, don’t play a shaman, not quite sure what this means, and this also affets LS in Warsong Gulch…)

  2. Grounding Totem - this totem will no longer absorb the following effects: Frostguard, Hammer of Titans, Annihilator, The Chief’s Enforcer, The Judge’s Gavel, Blacklade of Shahram, and Bonereaver’s Edge.

  3. Flurry - the speed bonus will only exist for the next 3 attacks.

  4. Healing Wave - mana cost reduced by 9%.

  5. Shamans will be able to use equipped items in ghostwolf form.


  1. Curse of Agony - No longer interrupts spell casting.

  2. Soul Fire - Returns a soul shard to the warlock if a target that yeilds experience or honor dies within 5 seconds of the cast.

  3. Rain of Fire - Now correctly triggers Pyroclasm.

  4. Master Demonologist - Is now applied when a minion is banished or not under the warlock’s control.

  5. Curse of Doom - Can no longer be cast on targets who are Mind Controlled.

  6. Shadowburn - No longer returns a shard if resisted or from targets that do not yield experience or honor.

  7. Curse of Weakness - Mana cost reduced.

  8. Curse of Recklessness - Mana cost reduced.

  9. Mobs that are immune to Fear effects are now also immune to Death Coil.

  10. Suffering (Voidwalker) has an increased radius. The tooltip has been updated. New warlock talent calculators will be on the site soon.


Where are these notes from? Who confirmed them? Is there a URL of a reputable site with this info? I ask because these are not worded or formatted like Blizzard normally words them, and there was a convincing fake for 1.8 that had everyone fooled.

Not knowing where this info came from, my money’s on this being a fake. Lots of stuff just doesn’t sound right, and it doesn’t have the emphasis on priests that we all know are there.

They are from blue on a taiwan forum, so the changes are confirmed but may be badly translated.

The notes should go up on Tuesday with the test server.

I like the Druids number 10.

Sounds dubious. Priest talent revamp here.

Oops, just noticed this thread . Embarassed smiley.

You got the hnter #5 one wrong. The translation I saw was:

  1. The fingernail strikes with rips nips - the pet to use these skills to be able to pose the certainly suitable threat. Formerly only rank 7 and 8 fingernails strikes can pose the certainly suitable threat


Well I see whining about classes still gets them nerfed in WoW.

A few of the changes are from issues forum lurkers have been raving about the last few months.

Example is the hunter aimed and multi changes. Alot of the arguments I saw about these 2 abilities made me laugh, becasue they were compaired to instant attack abilities. If i remember right Aimed is a 3 second plus weapon speed and multi was a next attack shot.

But what do I care, I stopped playing when I hit 60 and saw what the end game had to offer. I’ll stick with GalCiv, well GalCiv2 now.

I really wish Shadowbane was fixed, balanced, and popular =(

Didn’t you know, if you don’t like the end-game you can just start over again? It’s just like Diablo in that way… I hated starting the game over in uber mode where everything resisted my elemental damage traps as an assassin, so I would just start the game over again and perhaps play a new class.

Hooray for using items shile shapeshifted. No more paniced shifting around to pop a healing potion.

Hmm wow, if true that is extremely useful for beartanking etc.

I did start over.

I felt it a poor alternative to keep WoW some what fun.

I played my EQ Shadow Knight for years, many raids and guild adventures(enough expansions to keep me intreseted, then it all seemed the same). He was quite fun. My WoW Hunter, then my Warrior, was fun until 60. I couldn’t get into a third character.

WoW end game is simmilar to EQ end game. I just couldn’t get into high level raids like I used to in EQ. Too much of a good thing maybe? No. Just too much raiding(not bashing raids, I enjoyed them, just bored of them now).

Anyway, like I mentioned, I enjoy GalCiv 1 & 2. I also play EVE which is filling my MMO craving.

Nope. Aimed shot is a flat 3 seconds, and Multishot is an instant.

This change, if true, is overdue–I have no idea why they didn’t do it when they normalized attack speeds for everyone else. This fixes the absurdity that the best hunter bow in the game is a relatively common drop out of Stratholm. (Since having a slow bow is more important than just about any other consideration.)

Oh they returned Mind Soothe to insta-cast. That’s a nice semi-relenting on an annoying old nerf.

People actually used Mind Soothe?

Aimed shot is a flat 3 seconds

Exactly, and with a weapon with a refire rate longer than 3 seconds a hunter can get an aimed shot off before the next auto attack would have fired and gotten a bigger AP boost to boot. It’s the same reason the Barman Shanker was so highly sought after by rogues. It’s backstabs and ambushes were disproportionately large compared to similar level daggers and even some significantly higher in level/dps.

I guess the guy who nerfed warriors at the start of retail really is back from vacation.

Right. It gets even worse when you consider that a weapon’s dps is a tiny fraction of damage output–most damage comes from attack power, which is based off of character stats.

A 0-dps bow with an attack speed of 10 seconds would make a hunter unstoppable in PvP. You could kill just about anyone instantly.

Can someone describe in detail how the damage for various hunter attacks (aimed shot in particular) are calculated please?

The key stat for hunters is ranged attack power. You get two RAP for each point of agility. 14 RAP gives you one DPS.

The damage of one autoshot is calculated based on several factors:

  • Weapon damage, as seen in the weapon tooltip. This is the only component to your damage that varies from shot to shot.
  • Your scope, if any, adds a base +damage to each hit. (This means that scopes provide more dps for faster weapons, since you get more hits.)
  • Your dps from RAP and ammunition.

The final component–dps from RAP and ammunition–adds a variable amount of damage depending on your weapon speed. If you have 100 dps and a 1.0 speed weapon, that’s 100 damage per hit. If you have a 2.0 speed weapon, it’s 200 per hit.

Most of your dps comes from your RAP. Weapon damage, scopes, and ammunition are a small percentage of your base RAP dps.

Quivers can reduce your actual attack speed (they make you shoot faster), but do not affect your shot damage. This means that a faster quiver lets you do more damage.

Special shots (arcane shot, aimed shot, and multishot) all do the damage of one autoshot plus a bonus. (As seen on the tooltip for each shot.) Arcane shot and multishot are instant abilities, and do not interfere with your autoshots. Aimed shot takes three seconds to fire, and you can’t autoshoot for the duration.

Now, consider: The slower your weapon, the higher your per-shot damage. The speed of your special shots is not affected by your weapon speed. However, the DAMAGE of your special shots is. Conclusion: Slow weapons are good, because they maximize your special shot damage.

This is what will be changing in the next patch: Special shots will now calculate the shot damage based on a normalized weapon speed of 2.8.

There’s one other consideration to keep in mind: Aimed shots take three seconds to fire, and your autoshot can recycle while you’re aiming. So if your weapon speed (after quiver) is less than three seconds, you can wait for an autoshot to fire, hit aimed shot, and fire both an aimed shot and an autoshot three seconds later. If your autoshot speed is close to three seconds, this means that your aimed shots cause almost no reduction to your autoshot damage. If, however, your speed is low, you may miss several autoshot chances over the course of the one aimed shot.

One final note: I stated that weapon damage is the only component of your attack which varies in damage output. I may be wrong about this: It’s possible that weapons have dps and variance components, and the variance is applied to your total damage. I haven’t experimented with this, and I haven’t read any studies of which is the case.