WoW 1.10 class changes (patch leak - confirmed)

Not being familiar with Scorpid Sting immunities, I have no idea what this means. Can anyone fill me in? What kind of a nerf are we looking at?

Elementals and any boss, basically.

Ugh. Blizzard just burned through a LOT of goodwill.

Seriously? I can tell you straight up that this “nerf” is totally insignificant. And FWIW, my current main is a level 60 paladin.

Clarification: water, fire, and stone elementals. I never have much of a problem with using scorpid sting on bosses however. They’re not immune to scorpid sting, but they’ll resist ticks of it.

While I enjoy PvP, I got Vindication solely to help my raid group. If the ability no longer works on bosses, my only reason for taking it is gone.

This shouldn’t be an issue in patch 1.10. Vindication worked on bosses on the 1.9 Test Server, and Paladins in my raid got it based on that information. Blizzard said they wanted Paladins on the front lines of raid combat, and I figured Vindication was a cornerstone of that plan. If Vindication had never worked on bosses, I would have no grounds to complain. If the bosses in AQ40 had turned out to be immune to Vindication, I would have no reasonable grounds to complain. And if Vindication was so immensely complicated that it took months to properly understand, I wouldn’t have much grounds to complain.

But as it is, this smacks of incompetence.

Ticks? Are you thinking of serpent sting?

Scorpid sting is the str/agi debuff sting, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it work on a boss. I just use serpent sting instead.

Yeah I was thinking of serpent, silly me.

I’ll miss watching both of these crit. Easy 3000-3500 damage.

Mind Soothe used to be one of the primo Priest abilities, even discounting the ways in which clever guilds were using it to bypass hours of trash mobs with it.

So, these changes are confirmed because… HRose wrote about them on his blog 4.5 months ago?

I don’t get this. How would a 0-dps bow be unstoppable? 0-0 dmg 10 second cooldown… ?

Because only a small fraction of a hunter’s dps comes from the weapon. Most of it comes from the ranged attack power stat.

Since weapon speed is a cooldown rather than a delay, this means that a hypothetical 10-sec bow would dish out ten seconds of dps the instant you activated autoshot. You then run away for ten seconds and repeat.

Ah, I see. I agree that for the purpose of burst damage, a 10-second bow is better than a fast bow. However, tactical considerations may apply.

Also I’m not quite sure if most of the weapon damage comes from RAP. Looking at a 25 DPS bow, you’d need 350 RAP equivalent so I don’t think weapon DPS is insignificant.

I think you have confused scorpid sting with serpent sting. Scorpid sting is the str/agi debuff. It’s understandable that you confuse them as no hunter uses scorpid sting because every mob it might be useful on is immune.

Yeah but 350 RAP = 175 agility which isnt a big deal for a hunter.

Heh. Whoever did that should’ve been fired and hung – not necessarily in that order.

Warriors near the end of beta were a fantastic class. Strong, versatile, and able to handle adds with ease. Then came the end of beta, and suddenly the only thing they could do was tank with a priest around.

It really sucked.

I hate to tell you people who have vindication, it never did anything to monsters, nor does the hunter shot that reduces stats.

It has been confirmed for some time that monsters do not have computed stats. IE: They do not have int, spirit, agility, strength, or stamina. They just have the final values such as health and mana, and damage they do.

There are a few consumable items in the game that can reduce a visible stat (int - mana, sta - HP) and using such an item on these monsters never changes these pools.

Vindication is for PvP only, and is generally considered a waste of talent points.

Mmm no, scorpid sting (I believe that’s the stat-reducing one) does make a difference. Mobhealth and your combat log will prove it.

Scorpid sting reduces STR and AGI. Mob health would show no differience since its not a visible stat like STA and INT.

Indeed, 1000 RAP before buffs is not uncommon, although I think you might need raid gear to do it. Heck, I get 60 RAP from my sword alone, and that’s just a blue Dire Maul drop with no enchant on it.