WoW 1.13 patch date?

I’m beating my head against the wall with the Rhok’Delar quest on my hunter, I’d love to give up and switch to 24/7 PvP and get the HWL Street Sweeper. When is the new patch going in?

January, if I had to guess. (To coincide with BC)

Eyonix of Blizz said that there will be another content patch before BC.


Hopefully it includes the new LFG and Meeting Stone systems? I think a lot of the lesser used instances could greatly use it!

No one is using the new LFG interface in the beta.

Why would they? None of the people who can’t find groups got beta keys, right? It’s full of EQ uberguilds and journalists just like the original CB?

Seems to contradict that?

Eh, I’d just chalk that up to poor internal communication, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows Blizzard closely.

It’ll be quicker to teach yourself how to kite demons than it will be to earn enough honor tokens for a GM weapon

I am a gaming god, but I don’t have a group of 40 people to do Onyxia with during my rare schedulable blocks of WoW time.

That blue post contradicts another blue post (linked in another thread) that says there will be a content patch before BC, which is also dated today.

It did ambigiously say “Before the hollidays” which could mean before Halloween to before Chistmas.

The General channel is still full of LFG spams.

DAoC had a LFG option too and and no one used it. It worked, but no one used it. The meeting stones would work too if people used them.

The problem is that groups have to be active about getting healers and tanks. I bet groups that are waiting for the LFG option to provide them one will be unsuccessful, usually.

Slow uptake of the new feature maybe? I hope the new LFG thing works out :(

The problem is that overwhelmingly the type of people who’d use the LFG tool are the type who generally play all by themselves but right now want a group to do something. This puts a disproportionate number of hunters/rogues/warlocks/mages/DPS warriors in need of a group, with relatively few druids/priests/paladins-shammies/warriors(who can tank).

In a lot of cases it’s possible to do things if you can just find a mediocre healer and the DPS classes are good even without a healer/tank. Unfortunately the skill necessary to be good enough to do that isn’t generally garnered through doing random quests and killing overworld mobs. It’s a lot easier to cope with screwing up if you get three monsters if they’re all non-elites that hit for 100 than it is when they’re all elites that hit for 400.

IOW, in general, LFG will always be a problem because the types of folks at level 60 who really need to find a group that way aren’t, generally, the type of folks the people who play the needed roles want to group with.

It’s the two-edged sword of accessibility.

Well, the time schedule is an issue but are there no guilds/friends in guilds who would take you along as a favor or for gold payment? Guilds do this quite often on my server for the leaf/eye that drops off of domo in MC and for say, the Quel’serrar sword quest that needs Ony’s fire breath to forge.

I’m working on it. I got the leaf on a half-guild pug, i’ve done two ony runs and gotten no sinew, I keep begging around for a slot. It’s a long wait.