WoW 1.9.3 patch is out


Wait a second here… Blizzard won’t allow GLBT guilds to advertise, but they have an item like this in the game?!?

Disenchanting is broken in 1.9.3 – all armor appears to be flagged non-de’able; only weapons and rings can be disenchanted. OOPS!

Edit: or perhaps just cloth stuff.

The sad thing is, that was the thing I noticed most about the notes, too (well, not the GLBT connection, but the idea of an Unstoppable Taint).

I played from release to Oct 2005 and had to stop b/c of a job change/move/new baby. (Yes, all three at once!) Anyway, I just reinstalled last night and went to go play. While I miss my friends, my guild and the adventures…I can’t say that I was enchanted enough to begin sinking time back into WoW.

I really like some of the changes that they’ve done and I’m gonna hold onto my three accounts for now (4 60 lvl characters).

Anyone move to another MMO that would recommend it over WoW (D&D? LotR?)

Oh and

Molten Core

  • It should now be very difficult to remain out of combat while
    fighting the bosses in Molten Core.

That is a HUGE change if it plays out like that.

No, it’s not. If your raid is dependant on having an out-of-combat rezzer to succeed in Molten Core, you’re doing something wrong. None of the bosses in MC (except maybe Domo and Rag) are particularly challenging. An OOC rezzer should not be necessary at all.

Do casters not drink during the boss fights?

How can they if they’re in combat?

You also shouldn’t need to drink.

My guild has never needed the OOC rez or to drink during a boss fight in MC and we clear it in one sitting easy.

also: New patch

Well, but it’s still going to be a change. The guild I did MC with last weekend had at least a couple of fights where I doubt there would have been any success without OOC ressing. Glad they fixed the loophole, seemed rather gimpy to me that their strat involved someone running around and rezzing people. I do expect this will substantially slow their progress though. Maybe it’ll teach some of the other folk to actually pay attention while playing, at least.


How many classes can rez in-combat? I’m pretty sure Pallys can’t, and Druids can but I don’t know the others.

Also, “extremely difficult” isn’t the same as “impossible”, so it’s at least still an (unlikely) option.

that was the point Whitta - I thought casters regularly went out of combat to drink in MC. That is unrelated to the OOC rezzer trick which was the only example given.

What they’re doing is making is to that when combat starts you can’t have a pally or shaman or priest running around who never attacked or otherwise got aggro and therefore never entered combat to lock out their resses.

Druids will still be able to rez in combat; that ability is pretty strictly controlled by a rez timer that should be more than sufficient to keep much non-intended rezzing from going on. (Basically, you get 1 shot at a boss with X rezzes, where X is the number of druids running around. After that you wait 30 minutes or do it without however many combat rezzes were blown.)

Err… how do you go OOC once you’ve engaged before the boss dies? Running halfway back across the instance won’t even do it (and isn’t advised anyway).

You died and got ressed by an OOC resser.

Well, okay. So people were intentionally dying just to refresh mana, then?

I’m having trouble thinking of situations where you could mana dump in that manner and not end up with aggro trouble anyway, but, well, wow. Interesting take on the zerg technique. Our OOC ressing was just for honest deaths, never occurred to me that people would take it even further and intentionally die just to refresh mana pools. That’s just silly.